Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bird Storm snacks for another Wednesday Storm!

And we have ANOTHER storm this Wednesday - that is three in a row!  Now, I'm not one to poo-poo stormy weather cancelling school BUT it just happens that our playgroup on Wednesday morning also gets cancelled while school is cancelled.  So... I'm sorry to all of you people hoping for a snow day today but I completely ruined your snow day voodoo rituals with a quisi-quasi of my own.  

Concentration.  This kid LOVES to run and be wild, but it is great for him to take some time to sit and focus. This was a surprising success :)
If it makes you feel any better all the kids had a FABULOUS time playing together and singing their rhymes and songs.  We just missed too many in a row and they needed some "sleeping bunny" time haha. (Its a action song they do that Jack pretty much practices on a daily basis and even acts it out with his stuffed animals and our pets).

The last few on the end weren't as easy as he would have liked, so we worked as a team for the last few!
It seems like during every storm I start to feel really bad for the birds and critters outside trying to not only survive the dumping of snow but to have something to eat too.  So this storm day we did a little activity I found on Pinterest using cheerios and pipe cleaners to make ring feeders to hang on the trees outside.  If nothing else wants it I know that the crows will be flocking to our house tomorrow morning for a feeding. 

Yes, he was posing for the picture. But also licking the cheerios very sneakily. 

It was a great way to fill out the rest of the afternoon from nap time to supper.  We watched some shows on the iPad and filled several little rings.  Jack was really pleased to be making a treat for the birdies outside, but after a while of the snack bowl emptying and refilling he actually mumbled "go eat seeds birdies" between handfuls of cheerios so I finished off the craft myself.  I also did two rings of grapes we had kicking around the house, who knows.  

and then he was done with the chivalrous activity.  "go eat seeds birdies" "Jack eat cheerios"
Our mulberry bush is pretty much the bird feeding hotspot this winter because it is easy for me to hang things out there.  We're lucky to have a nice assortment of birds come visit throughout the day entertaining everyone.  I've even put out some peanuts for our squirrel friends and they've cleaned it out!

Nope, there's no way to pick out the rings of cheerios and grapes... but they are there!
I also hung a couple rings of cheerios on the big cedar nearest to our window for some better viewing! I will certainly snap better outdoor pictures tomorrow if there are any birds snacking away! 

Hope everyone stays safe inside out of the nasty weather. 
(Of course if you are out in the snow, we have lovely snacks outside waiting for you heehee.) 

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  1. Those birds are lucky to have friends like you and Mum, Jack.

    Love - Grampie