Monday, 3 February 2014

A winter Cardigan and a new friend

After a wipeout on the ice this morning in a parking lot and a visit to the labour and delivery ward, I was given the okay and recommended some rest for the afternoon/evening.  Thrilled to hear baby is okay, I settled into an afternoon on the couch resting and catching up on knitting while Jack napped.   I was so close to finishing this cardigan for Jack in November and then it got shoved aside to finish some Christmas gifts.   

I spent a little while this afternoon finishing it up and Jack was pleased to lounge in it once he woke up from nap :) I just need to sew on the buttons and it will be ready to wear! Of course it JUST fits him now, its a good thing I finished it when I did. 

I'm really pleased with the fit of the sweater and the pattern was really easy to follow which I loved. :)  I will definitely save the pattern for baby2 in the fall! 

While we were out this morning Jack picked himself out a little friend since his Newfoundland great-grandparents sent him some cash to spend on a treat. To understand the excitement of his choice we have to back up a bit to yesterday morning where we were eagle watching.  Or rather, puppy watching!
Jack spying some eagles far off in the trees using Alfies homemade binoculars :) They were a huge hit! 
This time around the weather was much nicer, the crowd was bigger and there were even eagles off in the distance in the trees! We arrived earlier and it felt very promising with an "any moment now the eagles will perform" kind of feel.  Well... they did not.  We waited an hour and a half before giving up, and it was not a pleasant time waiting.  The adults were impatient, you can only imagine how the kids felt! 
Sweet little shaky pooch was biting on the strings of my coat - you can tell I was so taken with it I didn't notice the camera was focused on my hand and not the dog!
But thankfully this little sweetheart arrived on the scene to save the day and at least make it a little exciting for the kids.  Jack was absolutely in love with the puppy that was only 9 weeks old! It was a little Boston terrier named Sweeper.  I"m not sure an eagle feeding ground was the safest place for it, but he had on a bright orange coat and spend his time leashed and mostly in peoples arms. 

Jack and his little boston terrier dog!
So of course Jack was over the moon when we found a little Boston Terrier Webkins doggy at Dollarama :) The little stuffed doggy has quickly climbed the pecking order of stuffed friends to be next to fluffy bear and snuggled into Jacks arms for bedtime.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, Michelle. Glad you and baby are OK. This has been a very bad winter for ice and lots of people are falling. We have another foot of snow today! We are so sick of winter. Take care. Love to all, Nana Dawn