Sunday, 23 February 2014

Saturday Snow Adventures: SnowFamily and sledding!

"No More pictures Momma! GO down hill!"
Since Daddy was working Saturday morning we headed outside for a morning of mild weather and lots of packy snow :) Thankfully because of all the snowfall and then wicked rainfall we had (I'm sorry I did NOT wake up for any rain or thunder, but I hear it was terrible ;) Oh well I missed it) we were able to enjoy a great front yard for building snow mountains and snow people.

We had SO MUCH fun sledding down the driveway, and Jack loves the thrill.  It was the perfect size for him to go down alone, we didn't have to share with a hill of other kids, and oh yes the best part for last - I didn't have to drag his sled around or help him back up the hill.  He would just walk to the stairs with his sled, climb up and come down the path we made through the yard back to the sledding spot.  I'm finally able to enjoy sledding with my toddler haha :).

He actually enjoyed sledding into the driveway and getting lurched off when he hit the pavement.  He figured out after a few runs that if he laid back he wouldn't go flying off, making him look like he was all ready to compete in the luge! 

Of course there is nothing better than jumping in puddles so after a while the sledding was put on hold to jump jump jump and get completely soaked.  Thankfully it was +6 out and he couldn't' have cared less about being soaked. 

Lucy came out and had a snowy snooze.  She rarely is out in the front with us for the sole reason that she barks like a maniac whenever anyone drives by.  But thankfully on Saturday morning our street is hauntingly quiet :)

Jack and I made a silly snow family :) SnowMomma, SnowJack and SnowDaddy. Oh yes and check out SnowMomma's profile, because the is SnowBabyPhoebe right there. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Green Thumb Workout in February

Amazingly our little plants have flourished on the window ledge (they must be enjoying their daily dose of K-Rock) and quickly were outgrowing their little cups. We did a run to Dollarama for pots and soil once the huge piles of snow were cleared from the roads.  Jack triumphantly picked out a watering can for his "baby seeds" and we got o work on it when we got home. 

He loved filling up the pots with soil and we chatted about all the needs the plants have now that they are sprouted tall.  I've prepared him for the likely possibility that Sirius might take a bite off the plant (and that's okay because we can grow more) so we bought plant pots that have dome lids for protection. 

He is a very sensitive boy and loves tending to the needs of his plants. He actually asked if the looked happy :). We got to look at the roots while transplanting which was great in aiding my explanation about how plants eat. He enjoyed the transplanting but was most eager to water them with his new watering can. One of his favourite characters (and ours too) is Pato who is a duck in love with gardening, and Jack fulfilled his lifelong dream of being just like Pato. 

He asked four more times today to water the plants because they were hungry haha. Plants were all safe and sound with their domes after transplanting and survived the whole day without Sirius eating them. Or Apollo knocking them over. So hopefully Jack is saved the heartbreak and his plants flourish :)!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday Snow Day (again): If you can't beat 'em, Join 'em!

Well how freaky is it that our storms are continually falling on Wednesdays? Its annoyingly freaky. We keep missing on of our favourite playgroups called Rhyme Time which is a bunch of little ones chiming in on some sweet rhyming nurseries and dancing activities. Its great and difficult for Jack all at once because it's quite structured, but he's taken to the rhymes and even practices them at home.  But on snow days they cancel. Alas, we have only gone once or twice since the beginning of 2014! These darn snow days need to give up!  

Snowman kit lives again :)!
But when the snow falls, you have to just roll with it :) we decided to hit up the library for the morning, play with friends and get out some new books.  Then in the afternoon we got out in the snow and built ourselves a snowman finally. The snow was perfectly packy for building! 

We headed out back to pick out sticks for the snowman's arms.  We also cleared off our "little park" and played on the slide for ages! It belongs to our neighbours but they let us use it in our yard since all their grandkids now live pretty far away.  We have the best neighbours on this street :) Its so nice to have mild weather and packy snow - it makes snow days more fun than the last few that were just freezing and blustery snow. 

Jack counting the buttons as he stuck them on the snowman :) It may have been the first time he counted to 10 without repeating any numbers! Of course there are only 3 buttons, but we're celebrating it anyway haha. 
At the end of the afternoon we quickly headed out in just boots because it was so mild and put his face/fixins on.  Jack was SO thrilled to decorate his snowman and the teenage girls who come around delivering flyers were so adorable to praise Jack on his "cool snowman."  He brought them over and pointed out all the snowman's cool stuff :) Future ladies man right here.

We made the best of our snowy Wednesday, but seriously... enough already!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Come on Spring - we're getting ready!

Yes, I know its only February.  But honestly I'm ready for a change in the seasons.  Just so things will be easier getting in and out of the house with a toddler set on either doing everything himself to get dressed, or refusing to get dressed at all.  Also bending over to put on boots is getting a little more challenging so I'd totally love a slip-on shoe season to hurry up and get here :). 

I think adding the water to the soil puck was his most favourite part.  Because it was likely going to be his fav we stretched it doing it a teaspoon at a time haha. :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Just another Manic Monday!

Today was a day of back to routine after a busy weekend :)! After a discussion at breakfast about what was up on everyone's agendas, Jack was so eager to go to soccer! He loves going and running around like crazy. Since last week we arrived late (Mommys fault) we left extra early to score a good parking spot. 

We were actually the only ones on the field for a solid 3 minutes so Jack zoomed around burning off steam and enjoying the space. Also, he didn't have to worry about losing his ball to someone else haha.  He's a great little soccer star and we did a couple laps of the field then were ready to welcome his friends :)! Of course once the friends  arrive he could care less about actual soccer and it's just time to have crazy chasing and jumping fun. 

After soccer we did catchup groceries for the week and did a little shopping at Joe Fresh! We had a sad moment this weekend when Jack tried on his rain boots he loves and they were officially too small. To fix that we explored all the new spring clothes available and found these awesome and "scary" boots!

Jack was SO excited to find new rain boots. They're just so full of fun I swear they were designed perfectly for him. Oh yes - he also had to run around in them for 30 mins at home and pause quite often to remind me they are "scary!!!" Accompanied by "scary face" see below. It's the same as his "aaaahhh bats!" Face :)

And while I know it's not even near spring time, if we waited until April to buy boots they wouldn't have any fun prints or his size left. Since he loved them immediately I'm willing to pay full price because I know it means there will be not battles trying to get out the door on a rainy day haha. As they say, "Life is too short. Buy the shoes!" So we did. 

Jack also helped me shop the clearance rack for baby Phoebe. They had $2 sleepers!! So Jack picked three he liked for her while toddler-chatting to my baby bump asking opinions. He's really into baby Phoebe, I'm so excited for him to meet her :)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

It's A Girl!

And our little girls name is Phoebe Mae.  While so many people wait to share the lovely name of their little one (You guys are troopers, it kills us to keep things on the DL), both Scott and I enjoy sharing early so we can get used to using the name, warm Jack up to the idea (he already says "goodnight baby Phoebe" Ah my heart melts) and because we took so much time choosing it we want to lay claim to it now haha. Anyone who has ever named a baby with someone (or even a pet!) knows the emotional anguish of trying to pick something you can both agree on. Fortunately we got a jump on the name choosing this time and were very prepared so we have known for most of the pregnancy what our picked names would be. 

There's our girl at the first ultrasound appointment! We snapped this picture at the end of the appointment to have some proof lol :)
Like everyone tells you when you are pregnant for the second time, it really IS a different experience.  I spent the first 11ish weeks feeling like hell, carrying much higher than with Jack, and this baby kicks are much less violent (so far).  Of course we also have a different doctor, we had two ultrasounds, and we're going back for a third in a few weeks.  Unlike Jack, Phoebe was quite content to not roll around too much during our ultrasound appointment and limited her movements to punching and kicking.  That means we need to go back for a few more pictures that the tech couldn't get before.  It also meant that the way she was laying we didn't get that classic profile shot of the face and body for a picture. Oh yes, and this hospital doesn't print you pictures like in Fredericton.  It seems to be at the discretion of the technician whether you can take pictures at all.  I suppose the silver lining is that the ultrasound is very special to Scott and I because we're the only ones who saw it!

Belly Shot at 21 Weeks :)!
Scott and I were so eager to find out the gender (if possible) at the second ultrasound appointment that we were just buzzing by the time the technician asked us if we wanted to know! She felt very confident it was a girl! Funnily enough the other four appointments that morning had also been girls! Right after finished up at the hospital we picked up some groceries and then headed to Michaels for some lovely pink yarn :)! I'm a girl who loves girly things, so to be able to share that with my own daughter is exciting.  Although I'm pretty lucky, Jack likes girly things too haha!

The original announcement picture we posted a few days ago :) The little pink thing is an octopus - the first little creature for her ocean/nautical nursery! 
I've already gotten a jump on the knitting projects for Phoebe and am completing a snuggly bunny out of this strange yarn.  It looks and feels weird in a ball of yarn, but knitted up it is SO very soft :)

Jack is in love with the yarn and while I did tell him I was knitting a bunny for Phoebe, he believes it is a hat for her.  To be fair I have been knitting a lots of hats lately and on the circular needles this looks like a hat! He loves the "nice and soft pink Phoebe Hat".  

Testing it out as a hat! 

Snuggly snuggly warm, but he thinks it might be too small for Jack. Good thing its not for him (and its not really a hat!)

The thing about having a summer baby is that the don't need the sweaters, mittens, hats etc that I knit for Jack when he was a newborn.  Instead I'm going to be making another Op Art blanket like the one I made for Jack in rainbow colours.  I've JUST ordered the yarn today for her blanket and will share the adorable shades I picked when they arrive from KnitPicks.  

Jacks Op Art Blanket!
The other thing I'm excited to knit up for her is a "coming home" outfit from the hospital.  Since it will be summer it doesn't need to be especially warm, I'm going to make a little dress that can go over a onesie. I found the most adorable pattern and just had to share with you! Ah so many ruffles, be still my beating heart ;). I'm likely going to use different colours, but had to share a preview from the pattern!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bird Storm snacks for another Wednesday Storm!

And we have ANOTHER storm this Wednesday - that is three in a row!  Now, I'm not one to poo-poo stormy weather cancelling school BUT it just happens that our playgroup on Wednesday morning also gets cancelled while school is cancelled.  So... I'm sorry to all of you people hoping for a snow day today but I completely ruined your snow day voodoo rituals with a quisi-quasi of my own.  

Concentration.  This kid LOVES to run and be wild, but it is great for him to take some time to sit and focus. This was a surprising success :)
If it makes you feel any better all the kids had a FABULOUS time playing together and singing their rhymes and songs.  We just missed too many in a row and they needed some "sleeping bunny" time haha. (Its a action song they do that Jack pretty much practices on a daily basis and even acts it out with his stuffed animals and our pets).

The last few on the end weren't as easy as he would have liked, so we worked as a team for the last few!
It seems like during every storm I start to feel really bad for the birds and critters outside trying to not only survive the dumping of snow but to have something to eat too.  So this storm day we did a little activity I found on Pinterest using cheerios and pipe cleaners to make ring feeders to hang on the trees outside.  If nothing else wants it I know that the crows will be flocking to our house tomorrow morning for a feeding. 

Monday, 3 February 2014

A winter Cardigan and a new friend

After a wipeout on the ice this morning in a parking lot and a visit to the labour and delivery ward, I was given the okay and recommended some rest for the afternoon/evening.  Thrilled to hear baby is okay, I settled into an afternoon on the couch resting and catching up on knitting while Jack napped.   I was so close to finishing this cardigan for Jack in November and then it got shoved aside to finish some Christmas gifts.   

I spent a little while this afternoon finishing it up and Jack was pleased to lounge in it once he woke up from nap :) I just need to sew on the buttons and it will be ready to wear! Of course it JUST fits him now, its a good thing I finished it when I did. 

I'm really pleased with the fit of the sweater and the pattern was really easy to follow which I loved. :)  I will definitely save the pattern for baby2 in the fall! 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heartbeats, barking, cider and oatcakes!

Next week we will have our second ultrasound and get to know our little baby just that much more, but yesterday was the day we actually got to hear our little baby's heartbeat! How freakin exciting however delayed it may be :) My doctor was able to pinpoint the little miss or mister right away with the Doppler and heard a very steady heartbeat. At our ultrasound earlier in the week we were able to watch the heartbeat beat away as the baby performed circus flips at a heart rate of 154. Today the baby was most definitely having a mid morning nap (fingers crossed this baby is working into a good nap routine already hahaha) because there was next to no wiggling and the heart rate was 131!

(and I tried to upload the sound clip of the baby's heartbeat and it didn't work. Bummer!)