Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014 :)

We all wanted to wish you a very awesome New Year! It's hard to imagine what exactly 2014 will bring since each year is always full of surprises for us. But we are excited for staying put with no moving this year, preparing for & welcoming our new baby and watching our darling Jack growing up into his role as a big brother.

Pretty much his most adorable face courtesy of his mischievous bathtub water drinking. Worth letting him get a few slurps just to capture his triumphant grin :)
I know I've been horribly lazy with the blog over the holidays.  Recap: Its been great a relaxing :)! We've been spending our days and nights hanging out, relaxing, renting movies, playing with all of Jacks new toys and playing in snow. It's nice to take a break from blogging but I do miss it! With the New Year dawning, I'm back to the blogging. 

His adorable Little People nativity set he got from his Grammie Auntie Gail and Mert for Christmas! It has been so fun as these little people explore our living room and race on the racetrack yet always find their way back to the manger for bedtime. 
We had a really yummy evening of many appetizers, snacks and drinks (don't worry, I made myself several cocktails sans alcohol which was nearly just as fun!) while playing games and DESPERATELY trying to make it to midnight. 

 Dad killed in Ticket to Ride (AMAZING game you must get into if you love board games, and enjoy ones like Settlers) and I destroyed everyone in dice. (Yay Yay me I have to celebrate a little since it will be forgotten soon.) Once our last dice game ended at 11:35 it was pretty touch and go trying to stay awake so I would like to thank everyone on Facebook who posted their New Years greetings and wishes to entertain me for the last 25 mins.  We made it though and were promptly in bed by 12:15.

Today has been just right doing a few little projects (maternity coat completed and will appear on the blog later this week!) and baked some muffins.  Jack is a superb little baker and under Mimi's tutoring he did a great job making us all delicious banana chocolate chip muffins for lunch. YUM.

Sadly tomorrow everyone is in this house is back to the grind, but we're ever so thankful for having such a long stretch of time off during the holidays together for first time in years.  Jack and I are off to the stores for errands and later in the week going for a playdate.  Scotty is back to work and getting all psyched up for a new year!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we can all brave through the next few months of cold cold winter! I say, bring it on 2014 we're so excited for you to be here.

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