Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Recycled Milk Jug Bird feeder for all our feathered friends!

I realized that last week I went through the whole of Wednesday believing it was in fact Tuesday and even blogged a "Toddler Tuesday" on that day.  Aiiee somedays I really have no grasp on the calendar days.

Since today is actually Tuesday it seems more fitting to blog a toddler moment today! On the eve of such a big storm, we're preparing by... well really doing nothing haha.  Our lives don't change drastically although I still keep my fingers crossed for everyone that their work/school/etc is cancelled :)  Yesterday however we did work on a new bird feeding craft for our feathered friends.  While browsing on Pinterest I found the perfect template for your own recycled milk jug birdhouse that I have been looking for!

It is so simple and easy for the little ones to decorate. We went the stickers and crayon route because Jack is fighting off a cold I knew I would only hold his attention for a short amount of time.  But another way to go would be acrylic paints or some kind of permanent marker if your kid is very trustworthy haha. Either way the decorations are just that - only decorations for fun :) Definitely try to get them water proof as possible since it will be out in all the weather.  I bought the dowel for the birds foot rest in the cake decorating section at Walmart incase you have trouble tracking them down.

For the simple cutting and hanging instructions, pop over here to this quick DIY page! I didn't involve Jack in the cutting for obvious reasons, but we filled it with seeds and hung it together.  He's hopefully poking his head out back every now and then to see but we haven't actually caught any birdies eating yet.


  1. I need to build one for my school tree, that is front of my window at school. I love it...

  2. Good work jack - those are lucky birds. Hope you get over your cold soon. Love