Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Painting and Bubbles!

So wonderfully mild outside - great weather for stomping bubbles!
Jack's world could seriously revolve around these two things.  He put in a request this morning at breakfast to play painting and bubbles today.  His exact words were "Play painting please Mommy on the BIG PAPER. And bubbles".  So after our Rhyme Time playgroup we hit up the Dollarama for some supplies.  Thankfully they always have those party favour sized bubbles because it isn't easy to find bubbles this time of year.  Blah blah Pinterest people, yes I know you can make your own mix, but I'm actually lacking in the bubble wand department too so it was a good deal.

Jack chose painting first and loved to create two very abstract art pieces.  While he didn't ever once try to attempt to paint any particular shape, he had a system of choosing colours, mixing them in the tray and splattering them on the canvas.

One we are bringing to Mimi and Papas house and the other one we are putting up in his bedroom on the wall above his bed.  He loves looking at his one painting downstairs above his train table so I know the new one will be a fast favourite.

Next we tackled bubbles which was particularly easy because of the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having.  :) our snow has all disappeared and its very mild. Jack was distraught at first to see the snow gone, but he's really enjoying the ease of getting outside to play without mittens and snow pants.  Also, the not freezing to death is lovely. :)

I know you might not understand all his gibberish, many people need me to translate.  Just know he's having a blast :) Since its pretty damp out lots of the bubbles stuck to the driveway which was perfect for doing some stomping.  There was a light breeze too that helped the bubbles travel all up into the sky - so fun :)

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  1. No snow? Poor Jack!

    Much Love