Monday, 6 January 2014

Superstore Picnic Date

"Here Momma - you have some too!"
Jack and I had a wonderfully busy morning out at soccer, meeting up with very much missed friends! He was able to zoom around and burn off lots of steam while having fun and I was able to catch up with friends :)

After our soccer play we went for a bit of groceries and Jack asked if we could have a picnic! A while back we had "a picnic" at Superstore in their Eat In section.  He was able to pick out some "treats" to have for lunch and then we shared them at a table while people watching out the window.  Both of us really enjoyed our little date last time so I was more than happy to oblige!

The yogurt drink was fabulous - although a little hard to drink through a TINY straw! Of course that didn't stop him from drinking it all!
He picked out a iogo yogurt drink and sour cream and onion mini rice cakes.  I think its always a gamble letting him pick food out for himself because he doesn't usually pick things he would really like. Not to mention he doesn't seem to pick a balanced meal (don't worry, he had three servings of tofu at dinner so I'd say we're back to balanced haha) But this time he did great and I picked the dud - chicken salad sandwich from meals to go that tasted like feet.  Thankfully Jack was very gracious sharing his snacks :)

I've seen on Pinterest the pins talking about the fact you should take your child on parent-kid dates, and while I've never read them so I can't exactly say what they are about. I am too busy looking at the pictures of cute animals and babies and yummy food haha.  BUT if they say that its a good idea because your kid will cherish having a fun meal with you in a special new place - I totally agree!  As an added bonus to our date one of Jack's little friends was out shopping with his Momma and we got to wave through the window to each other.  Jack was so excited to see a familiar face through the crowd outside he was quite excited and everyone eating their meals around us was thrilled for him.

Eating "chips" right out of the bag IN THE CAR.   Pretty much his dream!

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