Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Storm Day Fun: Sock arms save the day!

Today we've gotten a fabulous amount of light fluffy snow coming down pretty consistently since we woke up.  Most things around here were also cancelled, so there was very little traffic in our subdivision too! We ventured out on a beautiful morning walk without the stroller and had fun playing "Green Light Red Light" and playing in the snow along the way. 

But before we headed out I had to address the issue of the mittens coming untucked.  Its just becoming an overwhelming sensitivity for Jack when playing outdoors and its making me bonkers fixing his mittens every few minutes.  We bought different ones, longer cuffs, tucking his sweater over them and everything eventually comes out. 

I've seen something like this on Pinterest so I quickly dove into it and got him all ready for winter WITH some sock arms to go with it.  The sock arms are just a pair of my old socks with the toes cut out of it so they would slip onto his arms. He loved putting them on and they really worked well.  In all of the falling and digging in the snow on our walk he didn't have any issues which is nothing short of a miracle!

 The rest of our day looked much like this! Trains, cars, movies, snuggles and snacks. As much as we enjoyed the snow, I'm looking forward to the snow being cleared away off the roads so we can pop out to play with friends and pick up a few essential items.  Its still coming down pretty significantly here so who knows if there will be lots of cancellations tomorrow as well! Here's hoping for all of you who are within the school system :)!

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  1. Jack - your Mum is not just a genius, she's a super genius! But not like Wile E Coyote!