Thursday, 16 January 2014

Roo's Play Date and Pika Snuggles!

We voyaged to Greenwood this morning to play at Roo's with Rachel, Ciel and Gracie! They were so thrilled to see each other and get in some playing :) It was a particularly rainy day (although still lovely and mild) so it was the perfect day to spend driving in the car and stopping in at Mimi and Papas house for a nap!

Their first try on "big kid" swings - Jack had a little trouble staying on! You can see Grace in the background just chillin' in her seat :)!

"Driving the boat" He loved going from toy to toy to toy every 20 seconds and playing then moving on.  I think he was able to play with most of the toys, which is really saying something haha. 

Determined to walk in each tire, it was certainly a workout!
Playing in the alphabet sensory bin :) They ended up here for quite a while digging, filling cups and feeding cars and a dino spoonfuls of alphabet soup. 
Knock on wood, Jack has had a really good season so far when it comes to colds.  He had a few in the fall but overall he's managed to avoid the majority of things that are going around.  Needless to say I pretty much sterilized his hands after we left the play area so we can keep that streak of goodness going.  I know that it is unavoidable entirely since we are out every day with different groups of kids, but I hope hope :)

After Roo's we had a lunch date with Papa at their house and Jack totally crashed in his old room for a big nap.  Once he woke up we snuggled and watched Miffi.  Sweet show, but I warn you that theme song just wiggles into your mind and stays there.  AGH. Many hours later I am still humming it, "Miffy, a cute little bunny... Miffy, a sweet little bunny".

Jack absolutely ADORES Pika and they had a great cuddle session.  Our cats would rather eat vegetables than snuggle with Jack like this so its a very special moment.  Pika just is so full of love he doesn't care who he snuggles with.  Just like old times this time last year (nearly) when we spent each afternoon snuggled up like this!

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