Saturday, 4 January 2014

Post-Blizzard Play

Well its a new day and the sun is shinning. Although it is still freezing cold, we headed out to keep Daddy company while he shovelled out our driveway.  Its a good thing that Jack got him a Big Scoop for Christmas because the other shovel had enough!

The end actually went flying off as Scott heaved a pile of powder - we all burst into laughter! We've had the shovel since we lived in Dartmouth, so it was fit for retirement!
Go Big Scoop Go!
The snow blew in all around the trees, bushes and the car so it was especially fun for Jack to play today.  He has his heart set on snowmen and snowballs, but the snow is just too powdery for that today.  Instead he found ways to keep himself entertained ...

He LOVES to chase Daddy while he is going back and forth up the driveway shovelling.  I started the video long after Daddy gave up on the chasing, but Jack had a blast doing the game by himself haha.

"Birdies... where are you? LUNCH TIME!!!!!!" I can only imagine Jack gets his bellowing about lunchtime from me. Yeesh, it causes me to reflect on whether we should just get a dinner gong I will ring to bring him to the table rather than bellowing. 
We checked in on our bird cookies, which are all still intact (I was worried about the wind busting them up) and it doesn't look like we've had any snacking birdies yet.  Although I haven't seen the usual flock of little birds or crows out since the storm. I imagine as it warms up they will be out in abundance for some snacking.

We did some digging and trail making around the yard, but before long it was too cold and our cheeks were very chilly!  I win Gold at the olympics sport dressing toddlers for winter (after getting two ready for winter several times daily, one isn't nearly so bad) but I'm just getting the hang of getting the kid inside without dragging or carrying.  The real success comes from something about floating the idea of a chocolate treat...

"There it is Momma... Chocolate, please?"
... and there never is much fussing :).

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  1. I remember a little boy in Trenton ON who used to say "help Daddy shovel wintertime" .... and so the little boy has become the Daddy and the shovelling never ends!