Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Play Room Wall of Frames

Our playroom has a wonderful amount of space for things to go up on the wall.  But really, once we've been moved in for a while you get used to the bare walls and it just becomes part of the room. Well No more!  I had big plans to cover the wall with pictures of Jack, his friends, his art, and other cutesy things to really make it come alive.

I love every thing about those playroom rules :) 
For Christmas we were given a perfect set of play room rules from Mimi and Papa so I knew that I had to get on pulling together some pictures and frames to accompany it on a wall.  I picked the wall above our train table because it is reasonably sized and I felt I could tackle covering a space that size.

I didn't choose use sporting our X rings in a pub as any sort of symbology on our outlook as parents, just the only good portrait photos I could find of us :)
Of course I didn't measure the wall dimensions, or decide which pictures I wanted to have up on the wall.  I started by walking down the rows of Dollarama and grabbing a handful of frames in a just-do-don't-overthink-this-or-it-will-never-get-done kind of mood.  Then the little wooden teddy bear silhouette because it was just so darn cute!  I let the choice of frames lead me to choose the pictures and artwork and it actually turned out to be the easiest way to do it.

I swore I would frame that photo of Jack and Ciel laughing at toot jokes, and I'm so glad I did! 
I picked lots of great pics to put up but I didn't spend hours going through ever photo I took (you guys know thats A LOT of pictures) and picked one VERY SPECIAL piece of art, his first from at Amy's. Over Christmas he tackled his first canvas artwork and so that definitely needed to go up as well.  We already had a really cute parents and baby frame that we were given at our shower and I sadly had not filled it!

His first little artwork :) Love it!

I feel SO pleased to have it all up on the wall and Jack was thrilled to wake up from nap and see the wall covered with interesting things.  Of course that only lasted two minutes and now it just blends right in for him except the canvas painting which he sometimes notices and then gives me an impish smile and says "Painting? Please? Momma? PLEASE?".

As the new baby enters our life I hope to include some more frames and swap out some old pictures for more updated ones :) Okay, that is my "hope" and it may take me months to actually get that accomplished haha.

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  1. Looks fantastic! Well done. Glad you mentioned the new one too - that will add even more to the gallery. You may need a bigger house for all the treasures! Love to all