Sunday, 26 January 2014

Eagle Watch 2014!

We bundled up and headed out this morning to go see some eagles at the Eagle Watch in Sheffield Mills.  We originally planned to go yesterday, but realized it was better viewing in the morning.  So even though the weather was pretty windy and snowy we decided to just go for it.  

At least we got to see a nice big on on the sign :)!
We were not nearly as hardcore as these Eagle Watchers! Next time we will dress warmer!

The weather honestly made no difference to Jack.  He was SO thrilled to "see EEeeagles!!!" and walk around out at the place watching people take pictures.  He really did want to go out to the feeding area but we obviously can't (and didn't want to) which busted his spirits a little.  The only "eagle seeing" he has done before this is watching the two at Oaklawn farm that are very still and close up. Occasionally out walking in our subdivision we see one swooping around or hanging out in a big tree, but not too often lately.
Don't be fooled - those aren't eagles! Mostly seagulls - but we let Jack believe they were eagles.
Brrrr! But Exciting!
Mostly we saw a bunch of seagulls, crows and one eagle swooping around.  We didn't stay for a very long time because Scott and I were freezing.  Poor Jack was heartbroken to leave, but if the weather is decent we might go back next weekend for another try at seeing them.  Through here you can see some fabulous photos taken from previous years Eagle watching at Sheffield Mills.

Little Mister Woodpecker!  He has a brilliant little red flash but it was too snowy to capture with the iPhone camera.
Fat little Red Squirrel enjoying a hearty brunch.  To the sounds of the little woodpecker angrily trying to shoo him away from the tree.

And we've been doing some nature watching from our front window today too! A teeny woodpecker has set up camp at our feeders every morning for several days now and hops up and down the trunk occasionally eating but mostly just loitering :) Except for when our little red squirrel friend comes to visit!

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