Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Celebrating Literacy Day!

Yesterday was supposed to be our big ultrasound day that we counted down to and were eagerly anticipating.  But due to a clerical error somewhere along the line I was scheduled for the wrong kind of ultrasound. Yes, we had that "this is unfreakingbelievable, how unfair!" moment but in the end we still got a little peek at the baby doing flips, playing with its feet and wiggling around to avoid the ultrasound wand. The technician went out of her way to be sweet to us and help us get the most out of our messed up appointment.  She recorded the baby's heart rate which was 154.  Do with that what you want as far as determining the gender, haha we will wait on the ultrasound to make any conclusions.  They hope to get us back in there in a week to have the proper ultrasound! Stay tuned!

Fortunately I can any disappointment I have with many snuggles and hugs from this sweet boy :) I am completely enjoying being pregnant with baby II because I have Jack as a wonderful reminder that all the pains, sickness, and discomfort is completely worth it.  Somehow it is also making time speed by this pregnancy, I cannot believe we are already halfway there to meeting our little one!

Jack was thrilled to play playdoh and they even were handing out recipes for homemade koolaid playdoh! He got to try out lots of little tools for playing with the dough which was fun. 
But that wasn't the only thing on the agenda yesterday, we did go to a pyjama party in the morning to celebrate Literacy Day!  They set up several little stations for the kids to do a craft, play play dough, have snacks, and read some stories.  They even drew for door prizes and I won a $10 gift card to Chisholms :) Yippee!!  Jack and I ran up doing a tamed 'Price is Right celebration' to claim our prize.

Adorable moment captured :) Jack and his buddy Denver reading a truck book to each other! 
We were even given a book to keep on our way out of the party and funnily enough we got "Jack and Jill".  (Incase you were wondering, we aren't planning on naming the baby Jill if its a girl).  Jack was thrilled to have a book to bring home and we've read it a couple times since.

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  1. Love the selfie of him snoozing on your shoulder. Absolute contentment

    Love Grampie