Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bread Making Fun: Black & Decker All-in-One

Making bread by hand ... need I say more?
While I am totally a huge fan of homemade bread and respect the art of a great hand made loaf or roll I've gotta go out and just said it - Ain't nobody got time for that!  Okay, that isn't exactly true.  I do have the time but at the moment in my life I would rather tackle the huge todo list of daily things to get done, play with Jack, and rest than spend my time making bread by hand.  And I do even love making bread by hand - its just not realistic at the moment. How sad but true.   And something I really wanted to do this year was start making bread for our family to enjoy regularly, not so infrequently that Jack actually asks "Whats this?" when he sees a slice of non store bought bread. Enter the bread maker!

You might have seen I put out a plea on Facebook for a bread maker and was met with lots of generous offers :) You guys seriously rock! Debbie and Brian delivered theirs to us this weekend and we immediately did a happy dance then got right out there to buy ingredients.  (Thank you!)

Scotty and Jack for the win!
Scott (and Jack "helping") made the first loaf with the most basic white bread recipe and it totally turned out amazing.  Perfect density, perfect crust! I have to say I was surprised and really excited! We brought it to Sunday night dinner at Mimi and Papas and left them the remainder for morning toast and lunch sandwiches.

Bread fail! Our reactions were pricelessly timed together, although very different attitudes.
Today I made the whole wheat recipe (with Jack "helping" or more like "bossing") and it smelled amazing baking.  Of course after nap time Jack and I eagerly checked it out and opened the lid to see this.  I was "Whooooooa. :S" and Jack went "WOWWW:)".  I would like to blame the foul up on Jack's bossing, but I can see that I am the different factor between the two loaves lol!

Bahahaha, its like some sort of strange art you would see larger than life size in an art gallery.
Once I got it out of the pan I hacked it up into pieces and while it tasted yummy it lacked the right consistency, okay crust and yeah, not the most perfect shape.  Obviously something went amuck while we were adding ingredients so when Scott was putting Jack into the bath I reloaded for whole wheat round two.  I can smell it baking... Lets hope for better results :)! Either way the house smells great and we're having a blast! (But I'm very hopeful for delicious toast tomorrow!)


  1. Yum - the boys are very lucky!


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