Friday, 3 January 2014

Blizzard Watch: Bird Cookies

Today has been VERY cold and snowy for the majority of the day just like the rest of Nova Scotia.  As of lunch they even closed the NSLC's so you know they are getting serious about the bad weather.  All 100 series hwys are said to be dangerous and to take your time if you MUST go out.  Well, we certainly will not be going out anytime soon!

It was a lazy sort of morning since we didn't go out for a walk much to Lucy's dismay and instead dragged out the colouring books, read stories, watched shows on Netflix and I did some knitting while Jack puttered around playing cars/trains.

Stirring the seeds for making Bird Cookies! (if you think he looks older in that picture you're right.  I cut his hair this week and he now looks like a little boy and there is no more baby left in him!!) 
Just before lunch we were inspired by Miffy (Ugh the theme song has been stuck in my head till now) to do some baking.  We're pretty much stocked for chocolate and baked goods for a while because of the Christmas leftovers so we decided to make "bird cookies" I saw on Pinterest.  Jack enthusiastically jumped on board to this plan so we headed to the kitchen for some baking.

Searching for the dog bone cookie cutters, his favourite. We may need to bake some dog treats for Lucy soon!
Jack is really into cooking/baking and understands what all our appliances do and that the majority are HOT and we need to be careful. He loves standing up on a chair in the corner helping add ingredients and stir.

Bird Cookies
Makes 8 cookie cutters full


3 cups of birdseed
4 Tbsp flour
8 Tbsp Water
Cookie cutters
Parchment Paper
Plastic Straws

Lets Make it!
Combine your flour and water together and mix it up to a paste.  Add to your birdseed and stir stir stir until all the seeds are wet.  Lay out your cookie cutters on parchment paper on a cookie sheet and spray with oil to insure they come free once baked. Next spoon the seed mix into your cookie cutters and press firmly so that it is packed and not loose seed.  Leave the cutters around the seeds to bake. (Its such a low temp the straws don't even melt so no worries there about plastic cutters)

Mixing up the flour/water goop.  He declined on helping stir once it was added to the seeds, "Too Gross Mommy".  
Poke holes into either the centre (or pretty close to it) of your cookie with lengths of straws and leave them in for the baking process.  Bake at 170F for one hour (beware, they do not smell delicious while baking) and then take out and cool.  Pop out of cookie cutters, thread yarn through and hang!

He chose all the cookie cutters for our little "bird cookies" and like a true proud baker he gave the bowl a big sniff and said "Yummmmmmmm" even though I don't think either of us enjoyed the smell haha.  And to add to that they smelled worse baking.

Jack worked on "making Momma a cup of coffee" while I filled the cookie cutters since it was too gross for him to touch.  His choice not mine, but I enjoy that he is already practicing making me coffee :). 
During nap time I trudged outside to scale the snow drifts and tie our little birdseed cookies on the tree so Jack would see them out there when he got up.  We talked a lot about birds needing to search for their dinners, and in the winter it was hard.  Jack picked our big mulberry bush from the window as the tree we would hang them on.

Not that you can see them, but they are there! You can see my footprints as I climbed up to freeze my fingers off tying them on! 
He told me that he's expecting the birds to be "really happy and really full" so I'm glad he's doing his part to take care of nature too.  Lets hope they like these more than they like our bird feeder which has been consistently covered in snow and despite my attempts to clean it off, we keep getting storms!

Brrr. Brrrrr. Brrrrrr! Its too cold out for people or little beasties!
I've been hunkered downstairs in the office with a hot half-coffee-half-hot-chocolate (because that is all this baby is accepting for hot beverages) doing some work for Scott.  Thats right I'm a "working Momma" but from home during evenings and nap time.  It is the best arrangement especially so Scott isn't so overloaded and I can tackle some other kind issues in my day besides diapers, play doh and toys! I will update on if any birds check by on the little birdie cookies :) Lets hope they go over alright and we actually get to see some while Jack is awake!


  1. Jack would enjoy watching our bird feeder. It was too heavy for the rod we bought so it sits on the deck. Have had as many as 16 doves at one time, some lovely little juncos and a rabbit!! Early on we had some bluejays but I think they got smart and went south. Love to all, Nana Dawn

  2. Our bird feeder is constantly emptied by two big fat grey squirrels… birds clean up the deck for us though.. from all the hilarious spills the squirrels manage to do while trying to reach the feeder… I hope the birds love their cookies...