Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bread Maker Pizza Dough

We had delicious homemade pizza tonight instead of the usual frozen pizza fired into the oven as a quick easy meal. This pizza was slightly more time consuming but so yummy! And Jack was an angel playing cars and giving me pointers when he came in to help!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Celebrating Literacy Day!

Yesterday was supposed to be our big ultrasound day that we counted down to and were eagerly anticipating.  But due to a clerical error somewhere along the line I was scheduled for the wrong kind of ultrasound. Yes, we had that "this is unfreakingbelievable, how unfair!" moment but in the end we still got a little peek at the baby doing flips, playing with its feet and wiggling around to avoid the ultrasound wand. The technician went out of her way to be sweet to us and help us get the most out of our messed up appointment.  She recorded the baby's heart rate which was 154.  Do with that what you want as far as determining the gender, haha we will wait on the ultrasound to make any conclusions.  They hope to get us back in there in a week to have the proper ultrasound! Stay tuned!

Fortunately I can any disappointment I have with many snuggles and hugs from this sweet boy :) I am completely enjoying being pregnant with baby II because I have Jack as a wonderful reminder that all the pains, sickness, and discomfort is completely worth it.  Somehow it is also making time speed by this pregnancy, I cannot believe we are already halfway there to meeting our little one!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Eagle Watch 2014!

We bundled up and headed out this morning to go see some eagles at the Eagle Watch in Sheffield Mills.  We originally planned to go yesterday, but realized it was better viewing in the morning.  So even though the weather was pretty windy and snowy we decided to just go for it.  

At least we got to see a nice big on on the sign :)!
We were not nearly as hardcore as these Eagle Watchers! Next time we will dress warmer!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Storm Day Fun: Sock arms save the day!

Today we've gotten a fabulous amount of light fluffy snow coming down pretty consistently since we woke up.  Most things around here were also cancelled, so there was very little traffic in our subdivision too! We ventured out on a beautiful morning walk without the stroller and had fun playing "Green Light Red Light" and playing in the snow along the way. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Recycled Milk Jug Bird feeder for all our feathered friends!

I realized that last week I went through the whole of Wednesday believing it was in fact Tuesday and even blogged a "Toddler Tuesday" on that day.  Aiiee somedays I really have no grasp on the calendar days.

Since today is actually Tuesday it seems more fitting to blog a toddler moment today! On the eve of such a big storm, we're preparing by... well really doing nothing haha.  Our lives don't change drastically although I still keep my fingers crossed for everyone that their work/school/etc is cancelled :)  Yesterday however we did work on a new bird feeding craft for our feathered friends.  While browsing on Pinterest I found the perfect template for your own recycled milk jug birdhouse that I have been looking for!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Selfies

Okay, technically we took these photos on Friday, but I just didn't have my act together to post a blog.  And I'm also enjoying the little alliteration I've got going on in the title.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Roo's Play Date and Pika Snuggles!

We voyaged to Greenwood this morning to play at Roo's with Rachel, Ciel and Gracie! They were so thrilled to see each other and get in some playing :) It was a particularly rainy day (although still lovely and mild) so it was the perfect day to spend driving in the car and stopping in at Mimi and Papas house for a nap!

Their first try on "big kid" swings - Jack had a little trouble staying on! You can see Grace in the background just chillin' in her seat :)!

"Driving the boat" He loved going from toy to toy to toy every 20 seconds and playing then moving on.  I think he was able to play with most of the toys, which is really saying something haha. 

Determined to walk in each tire, it was certainly a workout!
Playing in the alphabet sensory bin :) They ended up here for quite a while digging, filling cups and feeding cars and a dino spoonfuls of alphabet soup. 
Knock on wood, Jack has had a really good season so far when it comes to colds.  He had a few in the fall but overall he's managed to avoid the majority of things that are going around.  Needless to say I pretty much sterilized his hands after we left the play area so we can keep that streak of goodness going.  I know that it is unavoidable entirely since we are out every day with different groups of kids, but I hope hope :)

After Roo's we had a lunch date with Papa at their house and Jack totally crashed in his old room for a big nap.  Once he woke up we snuggled and watched Miffi.  Sweet show, but I warn you that theme song just wiggles into your mind and stays there.  AGH. Many hours later I am still humming it, "Miffy, a cute little bunny... Miffy, a sweet little bunny".

Jack absolutely ADORES Pika and they had a great cuddle session.  Our cats would rather eat vegetables than snuggle with Jack like this so its a very special moment.  Pika just is so full of love he doesn't care who he snuggles with.  Just like old times this time last year (nearly) when we spent each afternoon snuggled up like this!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Painting and Bubbles!

So wonderfully mild outside - great weather for stomping bubbles!
Jack's world could seriously revolve around these two things.  He put in a request this morning at breakfast to play painting and bubbles today.  His exact words were "Play painting please Mommy on the BIG PAPER. And bubbles".  So after our Rhyme Time playgroup we hit up the Dollarama for some supplies.  Thankfully they always have those party favour sized bubbles because it isn't easy to find bubbles this time of year.  Blah blah Pinterest people, yes I know you can make your own mix, but I'm actually lacking in the bubble wand department too so it was a good deal.

Jack chose painting first and loved to create two very abstract art pieces.  While he didn't ever once try to attempt to paint any particular shape, he had a system of choosing colours, mixing them in the tray and splattering them on the canvas.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bread Making Fun: Black & Decker All-in-One

Making bread by hand ... need I say more?
While I am totally a huge fan of homemade bread and respect the art of a great hand made loaf or roll I've gotta go out and just said it - Ain't nobody got time for that!  Okay, that isn't exactly true.  I do have the time but at the moment in my life I would rather tackle the huge todo list of daily things to get done, play with Jack, and rest than spend my time making bread by hand.  And I do even love making bread by hand - its just not realistic at the moment. How sad but true.   And something I really wanted to do this year was start making bread for our family to enjoy regularly, not so infrequently that Jack actually asks "Whats this?" when he sees a slice of non store bought bread. Enter the bread maker!

You might have seen I put out a plea on Facebook for a bread maker and was met with lots of generous offers :) You guys seriously rock! Debbie and Brian delivered theirs to us this weekend and we immediately did a happy dance then got right out there to buy ingredients.  (Thank you!)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Play Room Wall of Frames

Our playroom has a wonderful amount of space for things to go up on the wall.  But really, once we've been moved in for a while you get used to the bare walls and it just becomes part of the room. Well No more!  I had big plans to cover the wall with pictures of Jack, his friends, his art, and other cutesy things to really make it come alive.

I love every thing about those playroom rules :) 
For Christmas we were given a perfect set of play room rules from Mimi and Papa so I knew that I had to get on pulling together some pictures and frames to accompany it on a wall.  I picked the wall above our train table because it is reasonably sized and I felt I could tackle covering a space that size.

I didn't choose use sporting our X rings in a pub as any sort of symbology on our outlook as parents, just the only good portrait photos I could find of us :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Superstore Picnic Date

"Here Momma - you have some too!"
Jack and I had a wonderfully busy morning out at soccer, meeting up with very much missed friends! He was able to zoom around and burn off lots of steam while having fun and I was able to catch up with friends :)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Post-Blizzard Play

Well its a new day and the sun is shinning. Although it is still freezing cold, we headed out to keep Daddy company while he shovelled out our driveway.  Its a good thing that Jack got him a Big Scoop for Christmas because the other shovel had enough!

The end actually went flying off as Scott heaved a pile of powder - we all burst into laughter! We've had the shovel since we lived in Dartmouth, so it was fit for retirement!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Blizzard Watch: Bird Cookies

Today has been VERY cold and snowy for the majority of the day just like the rest of Nova Scotia.  As of lunch they even closed the NSLC's so you know they are getting serious about the bad weather.  All 100 series hwys are said to be dangerous and to take your time if you MUST go out.  Well, we certainly will not be going out anytime soon!

It was a lazy sort of morning since we didn't go out for a walk much to Lucy's dismay and instead dragged out the colouring books, read stories, watched shows on Netflix and I did some knitting while Jack puttered around playing cars/trains.

Stirring the seeds for making Bird Cookies! (if you think he looks older in that picture you're right.  I cut his hair this week and he now looks like a little boy and there is no more baby left in him!!) 
Just before lunch we were inspired by Miffy (Ugh the theme song has been stuck in my head till now) to do some baking.  We're pretty much stocked for chocolate and baked goods for a while because of the Christmas leftovers so we decided to make "bird cookies" I saw on Pinterest.  Jack enthusiastically jumped on board to this plan so we headed to the kitchen for some baking.

Searching for the dog bone cookie cutters, his favourite. We may need to bake some dog treats for Lucy soon!
Jack is really into cooking/baking and understands what all our appliances do and that the majority are HOT and we need to be careful. He loves standing up on a chair in the corner helping add ingredients and stir.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014 :)

We all wanted to wish you a very awesome New Year! It's hard to imagine what exactly 2014 will bring since each year is always full of surprises for us. But we are excited for staying put with no moving this year, preparing for & welcoming our new baby and watching our darling Jack growing up into his role as a big brother.

Pretty much his most adorable face courtesy of his mischievous bathtub water drinking. Worth letting him get a few slurps just to capture his triumphant grin :)
I know I've been horribly lazy with the blog over the holidays.  Recap: Its been great a relaxing :)! We've been spending our days and nights hanging out, relaxing, renting movies, playing with all of Jacks new toys and playing in snow. It's nice to take a break from blogging but I do miss it! With the New Year dawning, I'm back to the blogging. 

His adorable Little People nativity set he got from his Grammie Auntie Gail and Mert for Christmas! It has been so fun as these little people explore our living room and race on the racetrack yet always find their way back to the manger for bedtime. 
We had a really yummy evening of many appetizers, snacks and drinks (don't worry, I made myself several cocktails sans alcohol which was nearly just as fun!) while playing games and DESPERATELY trying to make it to midnight.