Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Life with a Big Kid Bed!

It was finally time to get Jack into a big kid bed. He never once escaped from his crib which I am truly thankful and amazed.  Nearly everyone I have talked to that has kids can tell me at least one story about their baby escaping wildly in the night.  So for whatever reason Jack decided to not leap out of his crib, I am completely thankful. And it earned him the right to a very cool toddler bed :)

First bedtime story in the car bed :) Loving it!
We were very prepared for the mayhem that would be inevitable without having him contained in his crib.  So his bedroom took some rearranging to make it night time toddler friendly and in the end made it nice and spacious.  His upstairs collection of books is now moved to his bedroom and he loves loves loves spending time reading on his bed.  It is his new favourite thing to do while we're upstairs.

He also loves to just go lay on it and talk to his animals then come back out and join us in the kitchen or living room.  I'm so relieved that he is adjusting just fine, and actually his nighttime/morning has not changed a bit.  Except he can't kick the crap out of his rattly crib bars and drive us nuts.  :)  He doesn't hop in and out of bed, try to open his door or seem to move at all from when we put him down to sleep.  He did get out of bed this morning and bring an armload of books to bed and fell back asleep with them. 

Operation toddler bed has been a huge success both at night time and nap time - and we're so thankful. We are painfully strict on his sleep patterns due to horrible experiences for the first 8 months of his life (its all good, we got this book and it fixed everything), so a big change had us more worried about the whole situation than Jack ever was. C'est la vie when it comes to being a parent. He adores his new car bed and its made his room a fun place to hang out for all of us :)

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  1. Cool bed Jack. Wishing you many pleasant dreams

    Love - Grampie