Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stormy Snow Fun

Talented hubby snapping some shots in our beautiful back yard in the snowy morning! Love it.
The stormy weather in the last few days has been really fun for us.  I mean, we all "work from home" and so the commuting, clearing off cars, and waiting to have the car heat up so you don't freeze the baby in crazy weather has been cut from our lives.  It also means we can enjoy the snowy goodness from the comfort of our home and not have to worry about it affecting our jobs or daily routine in any way - unless we want it to!

Since we've been sick and its close to Christmas there haven't been many play groups to attend so we've been hermiting at home recuperating which has been great. We did get outside on both stormy days for playing in both the morning and afternoon though.  

Jack started out by not being able to handle the snow AT ALL.  Its like he forgot about how to play or walk in it.  But thankfully he gave it a try and really ended up liking it.  Most of his recent ideas of snow and winter have come from a series of winter episodes of Kipper.  

Naturally he assumed that in one day we would, like Kipper and his friends, build a snowman, igloo, have a snowball fight, go "sledging", eat falling snow, make snow angels, and drink hot chocolate.  Needless to say we were busy! Of course we didn't do all that but we tried to fit in as much as possible.
Jacks first little snowman!
This morning we opened our advent gift (every morning we open an advent gift from Papa and Mimi - so much fun!) and it was a build your own snowman kit! How perfect! Jack was SO excited to go out and build one however in the morning the snow wasn't cooperating so we had to wait till the afternoon. Even then it was touch and go so we couldn't use the carrot and pipe for fear that the head would crumble.  It was pretty much held on by the scarf.

Save the Christmas trees!!!!
He spends most of his time outside rescuing the "christmas trees" in our yard (all the shrubs) from the snow by unburying them as best he can.  We also walk little trails over and over to beat down a path so he can navigate in the snow.  Mostly he likes to walk behind me and bark orders like "THIS WAY" "THAT WAY" "GO FASTER!" what a shock Haha!

We did a little snowball fighting which was really just throwing piles of snow dust around, but he definitely enjoyed it!

Just about a year ago this was Jack in the snow ... Aie! This little boy has grown so much :)

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  1. I think Daddy would make a great sled dog for Jack! Mush Dad, Mush!

    Love to all