Sunday, 15 December 2013

O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches!

What was going to be a beautiful hike into the wilderness to cut down our own tree with Jack ( and get a Christmas card photoshoot) evolved into a snowy, windy cold trip two minutes in the car to the Christmas tree lot. In about two minutes we found a great tree and were ready to get back into the car and out of the freezing cold! We still loved the experience and found the perfect tree! The roads were terrible and there was no sense freezing to death! Another year we will certainly go get a tree to cut down but for now we're rollin with what will work.

Brrrr.  Its freezing and we found the perfect tree - cheese :)!
 We loved this tree and just figured that it's fullness would be totally manageable. It turns out we should have realized when we put it on the car that it would be bigger than we thought.

Yup its freezing cold and this tree is seriously huge!
 After a complete gong show trying to get it from the car to upstairs (which included a near fall down the stairs, taking down the baby gate battering ram style, and crying baby/barking dog) the tree landed safely in its stand and we admired its size!
Apollo was totally thrilled to have a real tree in the house.  He set about chewing on the lower branches and being a nuisance nearly immediately. 
 Thankfully we have a big living space for it to fill out :)! Our living room has always been rather large and unfilled (no worries give us a few years and it will be crammed full of crap) so the tree made it feel very complete.  It will be a sad day to see it go! We may just keep it up all year haha ;)

I sat back and drank hot chocolate for a lot of it advising where to put ornaments in blank spots! 
Scotts camera work isn't nearly as good as mine haha, but you get the idea!
We spent much of Saturday decorating the tree with Jacks help and enjoying the Christmasy spirit it brought into the house with it.  It was the perfect way to spend my birthday! (Thankyou to everyone for your birthday wishes :) They brightened my day and made me feel very loved and special)

Very taken with the tree and all of its wonderful ornaments!
For it being our first real tree as a family, we're entirely pleased with it and the fact we had enough ornaments to fill it :) also a high five to us for finally putting a picture in "Baby's first Christmas 2011" ornament!

We have been drawn to it all day today during the storm and spent our time adding decorations (more on that tomorrow!) and soaking up its awesomeness.  There's just something about a real tree that really makes a room fabulous. 

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  1. What a beauty! and the tree's not bad either. :) Agreed a real tree really does make a big difference. Love to you all from all of us. KofO