Monday, 9 December 2013

Little Friends Reunited!

Each of them snuggled up together enjoying morning snack!
Jack and Ciel haven't had a normal day together in a little while, so they were very pleased to fall into the old routine for a day and hang out together!

They got to sing together in the car to Raffi and hold hands for 5-10 mins.  Its hard to believe that is part of our daily routine but since we're out in the car daily it is!

Jack and Denver fulfilling their future roles as senior citizens in the walking club. The were really drawn to power walking together around the field with the walkers that go at the same time as our toddler soccer play. Hilarious!

All ran out... 
We went to soccer this morning which is hugely fun for them.  They get to reunite with their friends that they haven't seen all weekend and just run run run.  Ciel is a great little soccer player and dribbled the ball the whole length of the field with me "chasing her" (really I am trotting and making monster noises while she squeals).  They all ran so much that they were completely prepared to lay down on the field and talk to each other from there.

Back to our house for lunch, playing and power napping (they both enjoyed a 3 hour nap today!)! Ciel hadn't seen our tree up so Jack took her on tour, as though she didn't know what our house looked like inside.  He was doing his best to explain the advent presents under the tree that we get to open every day in his toddlerspeak.  Too cute!

Sirius believes he is going to be part of the craft some how.  And that he should be in the picture despite me trying to shoo him off.  Ah cats. 
 Then we got all set up for a really fun painting craft! However since they both were really digging their naps we ran out of time to do it together.  Ciel got to complete hers, Jack slept for an additional 40 minutes so he can do his another day! More on the painting craft tomorrow :)

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