Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting all set for Christmas!

A childhood fav of mine, now Jack's too!
While we usually aren't the kind of people who LEAP at the chance to put up our Christmas decorations on December 1st, this year is different.  Having a little one around who is SO enthusiastic about lights, trees, snowmen and Santa makes things far more exciting.

Jack and Sirius in LOVE with the fake tree box!
Sunday morning there was a light dusting of snow, and more coming down.  Scott was gone for the morning to go pick up Jack's car bed (more on that tomorrow!) so Jack and I got to work dragging all the decorations upstairs and putting them up :).

Jack LOVED getting to help.  He took it upon himself to help me straighten out the branches of the fake tree. We are getting a real tree in a two weeks, but we wanted to have a tree up until then. Jack quickly grabbed the scissors I left on the chair (yeesh mom-of-the-year award to me) and merrily sang "Clip clip clip" as he desperately tried to snip the branches off like he saw Papa doing the day before when they were cutting boughs.   Thankfully our scissors were not up to the task and I hurriedly stepped in to explain just exactly we do with indoor trees.

Carefully placing them on the branches!
Jack helped me decorate the tree with a container of ornament balls.  We saved our actual ornaments for the real tree and I let Jack decide what went where for these ones.  He took lots of care to place them on the tree, we will work on that you don't put a bundle of the same colour together another year haha.
Poor Lucy couldn't handle all the excitement and quickly conked out on the couch.
I know that a lot of people don't love having their Christmas things out this early - but I am completely LOVING it :) It is our new favourite room to hang out it and get into the spirit of things!

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  1. Wish we could be there to see him having so much fun!