Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Party!

Yesterday morning we went to a Vhristmas party for one of Jacks morning playgroups! It was so crazy, loud, busy and filled with kids ready to have fun!

They had all sorts of stations set up for different crafts and play areas.  There were the cutest little wooden tables set out for them to make their crafts all sized for Jacks size - loved it!

Despite the big crowds Javk didn't mind wandering off to play and explore and would every so often peek back to see me! There certainly were some exciting toys that were the favourite of many little boys like cars. 

Jack was very excited to see Santa come in and patiently waited in line to get a chance to have a few words with Santa. Initially uneasy, he did warm up to him and showed him the car he was holding for courage. Santa was wonderful and knew exactly how to get Jack to smile - tickled him a little :).

The little gang :)!
Then everyone's favourite time - snack time :)

Then after some more playing with friends he was more than ready to head home! He had a great time opening his treat bag from Santa and must have been exhausted from all the partying because he had a very long 3+ hour afternoon nap. 

I know I shared this yesterday on Facebook but I know there are some readers who wouldn't have seen it :) completely melted my heart as he momentarily forgot he was posing with his magnadoodle "crab" art work to lean in and kiss "the baby".

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  1. What a great kid - not that I'm biased ... much