Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas crafts and cookie decorating!

Jack got to have a lovely morning at a little Christmas party with his friends this morning.  They had a total blast decorating cookies, playing with toys and making adorable little snowman ornaments.

Jack believes that decorating cookies means that you slowly put icing on, smash a handful of  M&Ms on it then spend the rest of the time eating handfuls of M&Ms not so discretely.  Totally my son. 

They are such a sweet group of boys and Jack loves them to bits :)

No get together is complete without some rendition of Sleeping Bunnies!
 He was even given a handmade hat from one of his buddies moms and absolutely adores it.  He wore it most of the afternoon after nap and proudly bragged to Daddy and his Papa who visited that he got a new hat!

Here's a shot of the adorable snowman he made :) Okay, Momma mostly made it with a little help from the glue master Jack.  But its so stinking cute it had to go on the tree right away :)

He made just the snowman just to clear things up . I know this picture makes it look like he is a MASTER with glitter and glass bulbs, but he's really more a popsicle stick and foam kind of kid.
Big thanks to Charlie and Alison who planned the party and prepped all the cookies and crafts! We had SO much fun! Perfect way to celebrate the holidays with friends.

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