Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas crafts and cookie decorating!

Jack got to have a lovely morning at a little Christmas party with his friends this morning.  They had a total blast decorating cookies, playing with toys and making adorable little snowman ornaments.

Jack believes that decorating cookies means that you slowly put icing on, smash a handful of  M&Ms on it then spend the rest of the time eating handfuls of M&Ms not so discretely.  Totally my son. 

They are such a sweet group of boys and Jack loves them to bits :)

No get together is complete without some rendition of Sleeping Bunnies!
 He was even given a handmade hat from one of his buddies moms and absolutely adores it.  He wore it most of the afternoon after nap and proudly bragged to Daddy and his Papa who visited that he got a new hat!

Here's a shot of the adorable snowman he made :) Okay, Momma mostly made it with a little help from the glue master Jack.  But its so stinking cute it had to go on the tree right away :)

He made just the snowman just to clear things up . I know this picture makes it look like he is a MASTER with glitter and glass bulbs, but he's really more a popsicle stick and foam kind of kid.
Big thanks to Charlie and Alison who planned the party and prepped all the cookies and crafts! We had SO much fun! Perfect way to celebrate the holidays with friends.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stormy Snow Fun

Talented hubby snapping some shots in our beautiful back yard in the snowy morning! Love it.
The stormy weather in the last few days has been really fun for us.  I mean, we all "work from home" and so the commuting, clearing off cars, and waiting to have the car heat up so you don't freeze the baby in crazy weather has been cut from our lives.  It also means we can enjoy the snowy goodness from the comfort of our home and not have to worry about it affecting our jobs or daily routine in any way - unless we want it to!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Ornaments making it onto the tree!

I finally was able to find time, energy and an agreeable toddler to complete our efforts for some homemade smelly ornaments. I borrowed some lovely Christmas twine from Mimi and got to work quickly stringing up my orange slices that have sat out on the counter for a week now. They still smell lovely but you have to have them pretty close to your nose to actually smell it.

You don't need to hold them quite this close to your nose, but Jack really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

O Christmas Tree, How lovely are thy branches!

What was going to be a beautiful hike into the wilderness to cut down our own tree with Jack ( and get a Christmas card photoshoot) evolved into a snowy, windy cold trip two minutes in the car to the Christmas tree lot. In about two minutes we found a great tree and were ready to get back into the car and out of the freezing cold! We still loved the experience and found the perfect tree! The roads were terrible and there was no sense freezing to death! Another year we will certainly go get a tree to cut down but for now we're rollin with what will work.

Brrrr.  Its freezing and we found the perfect tree - cheese :)!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Party!

Yesterday morning we went to a Vhristmas party for one of Jacks morning playgroups! It was so crazy, loud, busy and filled with kids ready to have fun!

They had all sorts of stations set up for different crafts and play areas.  There were the cutest little wooden tables set out for them to make their crafts all sized for Jacks size - loved it!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Smells like Christmas!

Today was a busy day of getting things done around the house, errands, mailing parcels, groceries and playgroup.  But I made sure when I was home for an extended stretch to get these oranges in the oven because I heard how delicious and Christmasy they smell from my friend Breanna who did it the day before!
Just as they started baking - ah so amazing smelling!
We're going to go get our tree on Friday afternoon! We're excited to go out into the sea of trees and cut one down with Jack.  Since its our first real tree in our first house I am extra excited to decorate it.  These oranges will be perfect for making the house smell lovely and festive and add a nice homey touch to our tree.  Of course I will be hanging them up high so no hungry critters or children steal some nibbles.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Little Friends Reunited!

Each of them snuggled up together enjoying morning snack!
Jack and Ciel haven't had a normal day together in a little while, so they were very pleased to fall into the old routine for a day and hang out together!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Homemade Christmas: Cornstarch Dough Ornaments

I love Christmas! I love decorations, songs and the food. And spending quality time with family doing nothing special but hanging out in the same room being lazy eating, reading or watching movies. One thing I especially love at Christmas is homemade things. Whether it is food or gifts - that just makes Christmas more personal and so much more fun. Yes, when I am crazily knitting away to finish a gift on time that isn't fun, but it always feels so good to give someone something you baked or crafted with them in mind.

I hope to pass on that sentiment to Jack and there's nothing more fun for little ones then being proud of something they made "by themselves". Jack "made" ornaments at one month old of his toe prints to share with family so they could remember how tiny he was! (Yet not tiny enough to fit his big fat foot print on an ornament so we had to resort to toe prints!) this year we got funky and made another baked dough ornament that he could paint, which is his latest creative expression of choice.  I won't post the final products because some of my readers are receiving them this Christmas and I don't want to spoil the big reveal. But I did want to share the recipe and results with everyone now so you can make some of your own! They're fabulous!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Life with a Big Kid Bed!

It was finally time to get Jack into a big kid bed. He never once escaped from his crib which I am truly thankful and amazed.  Nearly everyone I have talked to that has kids can tell me at least one story about their baby escaping wildly in the night.  So for whatever reason Jack decided to not leap out of his crib, I am completely thankful. And it earned him the right to a very cool toddler bed :)

First bedtime story in the car bed :) Loving it!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Getting all set for Christmas!

A childhood fav of mine, now Jack's too!
While we usually aren't the kind of people who LEAP at the chance to put up our Christmas decorations on December 1st, this year is different.  Having a little one around who is SO enthusiastic about lights, trees, snowmen and Santa makes things far more exciting.

Jack and Sirius in LOVE with the fake tree box!