Monday, 25 November 2013

Wonderful Winter Walks!

I do love winter! I know it's easy to complain about the cold and I certainly do my fair share of it. But I really love the newness of fallen snow, how it makes everything quieter and clean looking.  Today was the first day we walked in the snow to resume our daily morning walks.

They have been pretty sparse on account of my feeling like crap. The past few days haven't been as bad and I'm so ready for this sickness to be done. On that happy note we went out on our walk all bundled up!

As crazy as it sounds I completely love winter walks SO much more than summer walks. Yes it's cold! But the three of us are much happier bundled up than sweating to death. Pushing a stroller, Lucy is in a fur coat and Jack loves being in blankets. Winter is definitely our speed! 

This is our third season of our winter walking, and I can't believe how big our little guy is! Exciting to think next winter we'll be a walking group of four! :) flash back to our first winter walking season with a wee little one! 
Little cutie bootie sucking on his mittens! 

I know that in February I will be longing for less snow and more sunshine, but right now I am really enjoying that fun wintery feel the snow is bringing. 

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