Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Toddler Tuesdays: Little Friendships!

At an age where they are demanding, self-absorbed and fiercely independent it is amazing to see them start to form real little friendships with other kids.  Its amazing that they are able to make connections with each other and really appreciate the other kid's feelings.  More than just thinking about themselves, they start to have their own toddler speak conversations and do a more interactive play!

Having a complete RIOT with his friend in the play house!

Most adorably, they start to do things to show their friends they like them. Laugh together, sing with them, bring them items of comfort when they are in distress, and willingly share what they are playing with!  A couple months ago Jack was more than content to just play side by side the other kids and not interact and he has really blossomed into a social butterfly celebrating when he is reunited with his friends. 

Holding hands on our car trip home from playgroup.  I said "Awe you guys are cute!" and so they chanted "Cute Cute Cute Cute!" for most of our drive. 

As Jack gets older and older I am convinced, "Okay THIS is my favourite stage!" And then he just gets more fun. :) Yes, more challenging too but lots more fun.  I guess the two must go hand in hand.

Mugging with his friend Denver for the camera :)

Oh and cuter! They just keep getting cuter :)!

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