Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Wonderful World of Play Dough!

"Its cold!!"

Decapitating the little "cat" we made, then smushing it back on!
Today was a Tuesday, but really it was kinda like a Monday for us because of the holiday weekend.  And like all Mondays they can be rough, especially for two toddlers who need a day to get back into routine when the week begins.  We filled our day with lots of little activities and play inside the house and then after nap time we sat down at the table for some serious fun. A whole hour of serious play dough fun before I had to pull them away from it.

SO much squishing and tearing!
Trying very hard to make molds of garbage cans and pop bottles
Both Jack and Ciel are fairly new to playing with Play Dough but honestly they didn't need much helping to get interested in it.   They began gingerly playing with it then a couple minutes in they were smushing, smashing, rolling and flattening it no problem.

They only needed a few gentle reminders like "Not for eating... yuck!" and "Don't drop it on the floor. Lulu will get sick" (because Lucy was circling the table like a piranha hopeful for any kind of droppings).

The big truck was a hit!  It is a really fun idea where you put play dough in and then close up the top and as it drives it drops out moulded pieces of "garbage".  And if you make it drive really fast it kind of shoots the garbage out rather than just drop it which filled the house with belly giggles each time we did it.

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