Friday, 29 November 2013

Jack's first Tea Party!

This little guy LOVES visiting the library each Thursday for Babies and Books.  There are so many fun friends, cool toys, great stories and silly songs. The librarians have such great energy and they put a lot of effort into making it a welcoming environment for all of us and our crazy kids.

Since this was the last structured meeting until after Christmas they put on a little spread of tea, coffee, and cookies for everyone.  They even set up a little tea table for the kids and they were served little cups of "tea" with their cookies.  They took turns getting to sit up at the table and I was surprised to see Jack eager to hop up in the chair.  Although not really because he knew that was the source of the delicious cookies.

Ever so gently lifting the lid and peeking in to see the "tea"!
Jack thoroughly loved this little set up and happily dipped his cookies into his tea.  He took it very seriously and I worried that any moment he would toss his tea cup or knock over the tea pot but he was very in the tea zone. The librarians were so sweet to do this and we all really appreciated it. I LOVE that he had his first tea party!

 "Hot Momma! Mittens like Daddy, cooking!"
And also, in their play kitchen they have kid sized oven mitts (genius!) for handling the "hot" baked items.  Jack put them on today and explained he was cooking just like Daddy :) Love it!

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