Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Surprise Park Trip!

Surprise jazz hands - after running errands and visiting Papa and Mimi we took a surprise trip to our old favourite park! This shot is the moment he realized where we were:)!

Taming the crocodile!

Playing on the very funky swing we didn't know how to really work but Jack felt it was hilarious!

We did our classic "green slide photo" pose and Jack was so juiced to be back in his old park again!

Run run run run run run run run run run run run run and "Common Momma! Common Momma!" So there was much chasing and running.  This Momma got her workout today doing tons of slides, crouching, climbing and steps.

Backwards sliding is the only way to go down these slides! SO fun and Jack giggled himself into a fit before he even got sliding so he was almost out of breath by the time he hit the ground and flopped into a pile of giggling boy. 

The surprise trip to the park was a huge hit and I can't believe the last time we were there it was SCORCHING hot and I likely sweat off ten pounds biking us there and back with the bike trailer.  We will totally need to sneak back there more often to enjoy how much fun it is.

Hope everyone is jazzed for another relaxing weekend - we certainly are ready to chill.  :)!

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