Monday, 4 November 2013

A New Adventure: Indoor Soccer!

With Jack and Ciel being active, social and energetic kids I'm always game for going out to playgroups for some fun. We just heard of a great place to go play, burn off energy and run with friends.  The indoor soccer dome has a free "Mom and Tot" time slot in the morning so we decided to check it out.

When I took these pics we were the only ones on the field.  We got there a little early because I wasn't totally confident I knew where the soccer dome was and gave myself a little extra time.   Just meant that these two got to run and explore for the first few minutes on the field alone (Except for the seniors walking club that does the perimeter of the field during the same slot.  They are highly entertained by the antics!) 

Within minutes there were lots of kids zooming around kicking balls and running.  They had so much fun chasing, rolling around, doing somersaults, and kicking balls around the field.  I had no idea what the astroturf grass stuff was really like until today and I must say it is more ideal for kids to play on than real grass.  So much more forgiving and less dirty.  Although I suppose that takes the fun out of it haha.

This place will be such a lifesaver for the kids when the weather really starts to turn cold and ugly.  Already it is very chilly in the morning on our walks! Thankfully the time change gives us a bit more sunny warmth, but soon that will be squashed too by frigid cold winds and snow.  I do like winter, but this place will be the perfect escape for us to run and play without layer upon layers of winter wear and bulky boots.

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