Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: The Story of the Mole!

Auntie Steph sent us a completely perfect book to add to Jack's collection of stories! It's so perfect in fact that Jack demands to read it before bed almost every night. 

I ripped open the parcel and we got right into reading it before I read the back cover so I was bursting with laughter half surprised and supremely entertained. Of course once we were through the book I read the back and began laughing all over again. Why is it so funny? Well poop humorous is obviously a riot but the little journey the mole has and the surprising ending is very entertaining also. 

This book is perfect for Jack because it has animals AND poop which is very topical as we are working on potty training. It is a wonderful way to reinforce that everyone does it and it's totally normal! (Of course location matters - another good message for potty training haha!) I highly recommend it for any kid, because as the back of the book points out "important but often neglected side of animal life". It's darn funny too :).  Thanks Auntie Steph - hilariously perfect and an instant favourite! 

You can listen to the book being read here for the whole story and charming illustrations brought to life in animation!

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