Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Pumpkin Decorating! (without the carving part)

Let me just begin with the fact that I love to do pumpkin carvings.  Growing up our whole family would do some each year with the same grouping of patterns that were SO awesome.  Returning favourites like the Halloween mouth guy, haunted house, Mr. Skull, Halloween Cat and of course Mr. Brow were well used.  But there is a big difference between carving a pumpkin for fun and carving a pumpkin with toddlers.

I had to think up other things to do with pumpkins besides carve them just because little kids and sharp utensils are not such a great combo.  In fact it is terrible and not just because of the sharp-ouchie factor.  Carving pumpkins is time consuming (anti-toddler) and requires pretty fine tuned motor skills these two just haven't reached yet.  Fortunately, the Dollarama had the best solution for toddlers wanting to spruce up their pumpkins.

Just like Mr. Potato Head, I give you Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin Head :) (Mrs. Pumpkin Head is without a nose thanks to the less the perfect quality of plastic and the force a toddlers little fist can muster. She still looks great though!)

This was SO perfect for the kids because they are aces at naming body parts like head, eyes, ears, nose etc and it was quick which allowed them to keep their minds focused on the activity long enough to finish it.  And the end result is so darn cute!

We have been soaking up all the teachable moments about pumpkins this Halloween like eating pumpkin muffins, touring the neighbourhood daily and admiring all the pumpkin decorations, pumpkin people, pumpkin books and we rounded it out with decorating our own pumpkins! These two couldn't be happier and cannot keep their hands off the pumpkin people when we eat lunch.  They actually even attempted to feed their pumpkin people!

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