Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Ice, Ice baby!

Today was the big day of visiting the rink! It was very exciting and both of them chattered about it all morning during our walk and while they were playing with toys.  When it was finally time for Mom & Tot skate at the rink they were in a frenzy and actually cheered when we walked through the doors.  The guy at the rink was very appreciative of their enthusiasm.

I was a little nervous that all their excitement would be lost the moment the realized what skating was, how much falling was involved and that it might not be as fun as they thought.  I also hadn't been on skates in 6 years so I was a little nervous about being able to set an example or at least keep up with them on the ice and not spend most of the time on my butt.

The moment they hit the ice they were REALLY pleased with themselves and the little Bob Skates were perfect.  Of course we had some technical difficulties with boots and straps etc, but its just not a winter sport unless you have to do some fanagaling with your footwear to make things work. 

I took video of both of their first few moments on the ice because I was having one of those "OMG My baby is growing up" moment.  Its just one of those things when you see your baby doing a kid thing for the first time its all emotional. So of course I was all over them with the camera and now preserved forever. 

Jack's first moments skating. MORE SPEED.

Ciel's first moments skating - very graceful! 

There was surprisingly much less falling than I thought there would be thanks to these awesome little inventions that the kids could push around the ice.  It definitely kept them stable when they needed it. I also thought ahead and put them both in double stuffed cloth diapers so they had lots of padding for falling on their little bums.  

Skating to go see the car was a big motivator! And watching his friend Denver skate around!
Both of them would get brave every now and then and skate around without the support which was SO adorable.  But it never lasted long so I don't have very many pictures of it. I spent the majority of my time helping them back up and dealing with boot malfunctions haha.  Lets just say I got my workout today and I feel very proud of my ability to help squirmy toddlers while on skates.

We will definitely be going skating again soon - they talked about it the whole way home and even after nap time.  I firmly believe kids on skates with helmets is one of the cutest things about winter sports :).

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