Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: A day of friendship!

I know that these two missed each other lots over the log weekend because they were especially kind hearted and chummy today.

They started off the morning by both climbing into the Elmo chair (usually a very contested spot to sit) and shared a late breakfast of blueberries, Rachel's delicious homemade cereal bars, and water while watching Kipper.

 We took our big walk and they were so adorable chatting in toddler lingo (half English half gibberish) and excitedly cheering when we saw 3 garbage trucks, 2 school busses and an oil truck. Both of them were trying to make sure the other saw the sights by waving wildly and yelling "Ciel!! garbage truck!" "Jack! School bus!" So entertaining!

We attended a new to us very busy playgroup that was so fun! It had tons of kids, toys and snacks with lots of space to run. They both did their own thing but checked in often with each other and played dinky cars for a long while at a table ignoring the world. 

Greeting each other after nap is always their tradition but they spent extra time laughing about the same jokes they told earlier in the day. Something about and bunny and tooting which causes them to burst into fits of giggles. They spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around in a playroom full of toys! Perfect way to reunite after a lovely long weekend!

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