Thursday, 24 October 2013

Playing with Pumpkin People!

Yesterday we visited a field of pumpkin people so we could see them before the end of their season. I don't usually drive through Kentville and I couldn't believe I forgot they were out all month! 

The kids were totally taken with them on the car trip to the arena so we made plans to return when it wasn't so close to lunchtime or when they were so sleepy.  The weather was beautiful and crisp so after our morning playgroup we went on a pumpkin people sightseeing tour.  Then we ended up in the field to do some hands on!

Ciel loved stomping some Pumpkin People brains haha :)

Turns out mother nature has done her work on them and they are a little soggy, stinky, some headless and aged but Jack and Ciel loved them just the same.  They mostly just ran around poking them, smelling them and hugging them.  They loved all the faces and pointed out the eyes, mouth and noses. 

Moon landing! They loved the astronaut pumpkin people!

I love love love how creative people get while putting these pumpkin people together.  I especially love the extra effort of them adding props to give the people some context like cows, spaceships, trains and horses.  Walle is a new favourite!! Both Jack and Ciel were hugging him saying "Robot!" and it didn't seem out of place to them at all. :)

We just love Fall, I'm sure it is the best season to play with kids! Not too hot, not too cold. No worrying about extra layers or sunscreen.  Great temperatures for running around and having a great time! Treasuring every bit of this weather as the last few mornings have been VERY brisk on our walks and I feel winter creeping in!

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