Monday, 7 October 2013

Jacks Room All Set Up! (again)

Yes we moved in four months ago and his room just got finished this weekend. Really the only time we have to work on it is when Jack isn't in there sleeping on weekend which we have just chose to spend doing more fun things. During our weekend of "getting things done" this was a big priority! But before we show you Jack's current room we can flash back to all his previous rooms.. thats right. 5 of them!

The original nursery! (ah how we LOVED putting this room together!)
This is the only Jack picture I could find of his second bedroom.  A perfect metaphor for our time spent there - completely chaotic living out of boxes for a month. We didn't decorate it all too much either to save ourself the trouble of undecorating it!
Jack's third bedroom freshly unpacked where we lived for just a little less than a year!
Ah how much Apollo loves this chair! While searching for pictures of his rooms I found pictures of Apollo in each room of Jack's sleeping in this chair haha. 
I have no pictures that I can track down of Jacks bedroom while at Papa and Mimi's house while we were living there which is too bad because it was certainly the most different considering all his things were in storage. 
This is Jack's fifth bedroom since he was born (oi) and we plan for it to be his for a long while! It was fun pulling all of his decorations out and putting them up. It feels much more homey now and Jack loved naming everyone in his Family pictures.  It looks MUCH greener here than it actually is (darn you sunshine behind the curtains) it is much more similar to the original nursery colour wise.

I didn't even need to coax him into the photo, he was already there when I went in to get pictures today!
The last time Jack saw these birdy pictures he wasn't even able to say Bird, and when he saw it yesterday as I hung it up he flapped his arms and said "Tweet Tweet Birdy!".  That is just how fast they grow and its amazing!
One photo is missing as it decided to come crashing down onto me while I was hanging up pictures and so it is in the process of being repaired. 
As Jack gets older we hope to add some new things to his room and take down some of the older things to help his little home in our home grow with him and his tastes.  But for now we are just soaking up the awesomeness of his woodland themed room and loving it.


  1. Adorable room... and its so calm and welcoming in person too...

  2. So pretty and cheerful!!! LOVE it!

  3. Doesn't he need an Ottawa Senators poster in there??