Monday, 28 October 2013

Jack's Library

All I can say is Pinterest you did it again.  I browsed, fell in love and knew that it would be perfect for Jack.   I pinned 30 different pictures of these type of shelves before I found a great blog and DIY how to that Papa based his version off of.

Admiring his new addition to the playroom murmuring "Book Shelves... Book Shelves" over and over in awe. 
Joining the men to do some construction and carpentry! 

I seriously love how much Jack loves to read. I like reading enough, but this kid LOVES it. Which is nothing new in our lives either.  He loves to read books, flip the pages, explore the pictures and really get into the story.  Naturally this encouraged us to get him books, other people gifted him books and we got handmedown books too.  It is a beautiful thing!  Jack is JUST like his Auntie Steph when it comes to loving books and so its only proper that he is built his own childhood library just like her! (I dug around all weekend for pictures of Steph's awesome library and I couldn't find any... will post as soon as I find them)  She had an awesome bunk bed that underneath was a playhouse when we were little and then became a full on library when we were older.   Jack would be a terror with a bunk bed (Hello, Jr. Skydiver) so these shelves in the playroom work perfectly.

Helping Papa load up the shelves.
Jack was so excited when Papa came in the morning to put them up he just kept saying "Book Shelves" over and over again.  We came and went as they were put up on the wall but Jack was definitely part of the loading up process.  He passed Papa all his books a couple at a time to put up on the shelf.  Then like any book lover he got distracted by some favourites and demanded to have them read so Papa finished up the display.

This isn't all of his books either, we have one more shelf to go up in his bedroom (pics to come!) for his bedtime book collection (not bedtime themed, he has just deemed them his bedtime stories. Everything from Halloween Cheerios to Tickle Time). Of course not all of them will fit on that one shelf, but it is a start! He has about two small plastic bins upstairs, but we're not covering the house in shelves!
Comfy Comfy poof to read on and share with friends :)!
Most of all I love that we can now see all of his books and they are hidden away in bins.  When we see them, we read them more! (And as an added bonus the books that sing or make loud noises can go on the top shelf for vacation!)

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  1. Well - that shoots one of his Christmas presents down! Looks great and glad to hear he is such an avid reader. Love