Monday, 21 October 2013

Jack Meets (and loves) Maggie

This is one of the occasions I wish that I had not filled my phone with tons of pictures and forgotten to take them off.  Of course I wanted to snap a million photos of the Angevine's new pooch Maggie and my phone ran out of space.  Worst of all it ran out while I was taping a hilarious moment between baby and pooch.  Enjoy the short clip of absolute toddler and puppy bliss!

Jack LOVES dogs (or any animal) and the games he loves to play are chase and fetch with them.  Lucy is not nearly as enthusiastic as Maggie, so Jack thoroughly enjoyed his time at their new and gorgeous home.  Since we've visited Saturday Jack has been mentioning Maggie often, sending her goodnight love before bed, showed this video to Ciel on the iPad and insisted on asking for "More Maggie" out of the blue.  Beginning of a beautiful friendship!

We hadn't even hit the highway and Jack was conked out - great visit !

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