Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hockey Season getting started in our household!

It's that time of year and this year we are going to try out some skating! First things first we had to actually buy Jack his first set of skates and helmet.

Very exciting and such a cool kind of contraption. They're called Bob skates and they fit right over his winter boots. They'll be perfect for getting Jack started and comfortable on the ice. 

Started off doing some silly selfies in the helmet to get him laughing!

Of course we couldn't try the out in the house so we focused on the helmet! While Jack was wary at first, we just made it into a game then of course he didn't want to take it off for anything!

Ready for racing! Mommy got a workout zooming him around the upstairs.

So a Jack learned that helmets are fun for racing around the house and crashing into things :)

They're also perfect for watching Pocoyo and eating dinner :) such a versitile accessory! More pictures to come when this little star hits the ice!

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  1. Did he sleep in it too?