Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween: Jack's first Trick-or-Treating!

Our bombdiggity pumpkins we made last night :)
It is hard to believe that two Halloween's ago we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one, and now we are taking our big boy out into the world dressed as a tiger to eat candy.  So awesome :)

We started off the day by going to a Halloween Library playgroup party in Wolfville which was fabulous since they always put on an awesome montage of stories and songs weekly complete with a guitar playing minstrel. 

This week was especially fun because the kids all got to dress up and the books they read and the songs we sung were all Halloweeny. Except Zoom, Zoom a classic and favourite of EVERY kid that goes there even the teeny weeny babies so we had to sing it!

We had to bust open a pack of candy after the first house because Jack was so distracted we wouldn't have made it any further down the street.
The moment he had one in his mouth he immediately wanted another one - and Halloween was a huge success!
We headed out a tad early with Jack to visit our neighbours and for Jack to strut his tigery stuff before it was too close to bedtime.  I would just like to say we have hands down the sweetest neighbours who were all SO excited to see us and Jack they piled his treat bag FULL of treats. 

I said "Look at Momma and say Ghost!" and that is the face you get when you say ghost.  Next time I will stick with cheese haha. 
 Jack loved the concept of visiting everyone at their house (we see most of them daily them on our morning walks) and that they were ogling over him.  Then insisted he choose as much candy as he wanted for his bag.   He was SO polite saying "Thankyou Welcome" over and over and rawring like a tiger.  
The great protector of the house finds this day each year very troubling.  So we're snuggled up in the basement with treats, the TV on and ears on alert!
And another Halloween comes to a close! We totally love that having Jack around allows us to be kids again and really enjoy holidays the way they are meant to!! Next year more pumpkins, more costumes.. more candy too! 

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  1. Wish we could have been there