Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Partying!

All dressed up as Princess and Tiger waiting to head out to playgroup!
These cool kids are already getting into the halloweeny spirit and their playgroup today was a dress up day! Both of them were incredibly excited to wear their costumes out (even if I made them wear coats over top until we got to the party) and show their friends what they were dressed up as.

They had lots of fun playing as usual and of course checking out the other costumes that were there :) Jack was delighted to see his friend dressed as another tiger and they had a great time chasing!

Taking a break from running and having a little toddler convo :)!

The halloween themed craft even peaked their interest so they both stickered a foam ghost to death.  Everything is more exciting with stickers! Jack also painted an egg carton with black paint to make a bat.. but we didn't quite get to the bat stage (adding eyes and wings) so I have a half painted egg carton that looks like nothing yet somehow I feel  like I want to keep it because it was one of his first crafts haha. 

So many toys! A great way to end the busy week :)

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