Friday, 11 October 2013

Apple Picking at Elderkins!

One of the local playgroups we just joined planned a class trip to the apple orchard yesterday to go on a wagon ride and pick some apples!

We took a long wagon ride through the orchard and both Jack and Ciel loved seeing all the apples growing right on the trees. Also the huge tractor pulling us was so fascinating for them!

It was a beautiful crisp sunny morning! The sunshine was nice and warm so we could all be comfy while enjoying the beautiful view of the Valley and the orchard. 

Both of them were very eager to pick apples and I had no trouble at all talking them into filling a bag of apples to bring home for snacks. The last apple they picked once the bag was full they could eat and they were so excited. Something about harvesting your own food just makes it taste better :)!

We were able to have a play time in the orchard while waiting for the tractor to come back and get us so they explored the wet grass, muddy tracks and wooden crates.  Walking through the orchard on the beautiful morning completely reminded me of the last time we went apple picking as a family and I peeked back in my blog to stroll down memory lane.

Jack's first apple picking adventure ... 35 weeks pregnant!
It is unbelievable to remember that! We soon heard the tractor coming and had to get back to the muddy road and greet it!

We were very excited to get back into the tractor and ride back to the car with our big bag of apples. When we got back into the car we continued some apple snacking and rejoiced getting to spend our morning in such a fun place with yummy eats.

Apple picking is SO much fun - and so delicious!!


  1. That is funny we were there at the same time. In the picture of the tractor coming the car to the left is our car.

    1. I love that!! :) I'm sad I missed you guys! Wasn't it beautiful out? Hope your boys loved apple picking!