Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Actually, ain't no juniper high enough to stop us.

One of our big home reno plans is to spruce up our property and make it our own. We would like to add some garden space, a backyard to play in, and continue to get our lawn greener and lusher after such a rocky start in patches. Of course, that's over time. And we have to start somewhere which can be the hardest part. We've been working on our lawn all summer but now that fall is here we felt it was really time to get into it. 

In the past two days we have seen two tree guys hard at work cutting limbs, trees etc and I just felt inspired by them to tackle some of our own little bushes. I enjoy the overall effect of shrubs but our house is becoming consumed by them so it was time to cut back literally. 

This was after 5 minutes and I felt very proud. I had NO idea how much longer I was going to spend attacking this thing!
I really wanted to tackle this juniper myself and get ahold of this gardening space right in our main walkway to the house. Despite Scott offering several times, I insisted I will wield that saw and take down the mighty bush beast. I knew if I did it myself I would be extra motivated to use this garden space.

Armed and ready to go today I spent an hour cutting it all back and sawing through limbst hat were MUCH bigger and deeper rooted than I originally anticipated. I got right down to the stump and after gnawing it down to a gnarly looking thing I had to wave the flag and call for backup.

Scott fabulously finished the job and we are so happy with the amount of light it now lets in to our basement playroom area. It's nice to be able to see out that window too!

I am SO excited to fill this space with a beautiful flower garden :) it gets a wonderful amount of sunshine from 10am onwards. I learned a great deal about using a saw and how great it is that there is an electric version out there for bigger jobs haha. For our larger juniper bush on the other side of the house we may need to upgrade and rent something to tackle that sized job. 

(While I was outside, Scott and Jack worked to get this up and looking awesome.  I just had to share!)

Oh so very awesome to have your own Lego Star Wars battle going on in your home office :).

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  1. wow, what a productive day! I have four pots of little plants for your new garden. i will get them to you soon, along with 4 bags of black earth that I bought too much of this year! Congrats on taming the beast!