Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween: Jack's first Trick-or-Treating!

Our bombdiggity pumpkins we made last night :)
It is hard to believe that two Halloween's ago we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little one, and now we are taking our big boy out into the world dressed as a tiger to eat candy.  So awesome :)

We started off the day by going to a Halloween Library playgroup party in Wolfville which was fabulous since they always put on an awesome montage of stories and songs weekly complete with a guitar playing minstrel. 

This week was especially fun because the kids all got to dress up and the books they read and the songs we sung were all Halloweeny. Except Zoom, Zoom a classic and favourite of EVERY kid that goes there even the teeny weeny babies so we had to sing it!

We had to bust open a pack of candy after the first house because Jack was so distracted we wouldn't have made it any further down the street.
The moment he had one in his mouth he immediately wanted another one - and Halloween was a huge success!
We headed out a tad early with Jack to visit our neighbours and for Jack to strut his tigery stuff before it was too close to bedtime.  I would just like to say we have hands down the sweetest neighbours who were all SO excited to see us and Jack they piled his treat bag FULL of treats. 

I said "Look at Momma and say Ghost!" and that is the face you get when you say ghost.  Next time I will stick with cheese haha. 
 Jack loved the concept of visiting everyone at their house (we see most of them daily them on our morning walks) and that they were ogling over him.  Then insisted he choose as much candy as he wanted for his bag.   He was SO polite saying "Thankyou Welcome" over and over and rawring like a tiger.  
The great protector of the house finds this day each year very troubling.  So we're snuggled up in the basement with treats, the TV on and ears on alert!
And another Halloween comes to a close! We totally love that having Jack around allows us to be kids again and really enjoy holidays the way they are meant to!! Next year more pumpkins, more costumes.. more candy too! 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Pumpkin Decorating! (without the carving part)

Let me just begin with the fact that I love to do pumpkin carvings.  Growing up our whole family would do some each year with the same grouping of patterns that were SO awesome.  Returning favourites like the Halloween mouth guy, haunted house, Mr. Skull, Halloween Cat and of course Mr. Brow were well used.  But there is a big difference between carving a pumpkin for fun and carving a pumpkin with toddlers.

I had to think up other things to do with pumpkins besides carve them just because little kids and sharp utensils are not such a great combo.  In fact it is terrible and not just because of the sharp-ouchie factor.  Carving pumpkins is time consuming (anti-toddler) and requires pretty fine tuned motor skills these two just haven't reached yet.  Fortunately, the Dollarama had the best solution for toddlers wanting to spruce up their pumpkins.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Jack's Library

All I can say is Pinterest you did it again.  I browsed, fell in love and knew that it would be perfect for Jack.   I pinned 30 different pictures of these type of shelves before I found a great blog and DIY how to that Papa based his version off of.

Admiring his new addition to the playroom murmuring "Book Shelves... Book Shelves" over and over in awe. 
Joining the men to do some construction and carpentry! 

Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Partying!

All dressed up as Princess and Tiger waiting to head out to playgroup!
These cool kids are already getting into the halloweeny spirit and their playgroup today was a dress up day! Both of them were incredibly excited to wear their costumes out (even if I made them wear coats over top until we got to the party) and show their friends what they were dressed up as.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Playing with Pumpkin People!

Yesterday we visited a field of pumpkin people so we could see them before the end of their season. I don't usually drive through Kentville and I couldn't believe I forgot they were out all month! 

The kids were totally taken with them on the car trip to the arena so we made plans to return when it wasn't so close to lunchtime or when they were so sleepy.  The weather was beautiful and crisp so after our morning playgroup we went on a pumpkin people sightseeing tour.  Then we ended up in the field to do some hands on!

Ciel loved stomping some Pumpkin People brains haha :)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Ice, Ice baby!

Today was the big day of visiting the rink! It was very exciting and both of them chattered about it all morning during our walk and while they were playing with toys.  When it was finally time for Mom & Tot skate at the rink they were in a frenzy and actually cheered when we walked through the doors.  The guy at the rink was very appreciative of their enthusiasm.

I was a little nervous that all their excitement would be lost the moment the realized what skating was, how much falling was involved and that it might not be as fun as they thought.  I also hadn't been on skates in 6 years so I was a little nervous about being able to set an example or at least keep up with them on the ice and not spend most of the time on my butt.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Jack Meets (and loves) Maggie

This is one of the occasions I wish that I had not filled my phone with tons of pictures and forgotten to take them off.  Of course I wanted to snap a million photos of the Angevine's new pooch Maggie and my phone ran out of space.  Worst of all it ran out while I was taping a hilarious moment between baby and pooch.  Enjoy the short clip of absolute toddler and puppy bliss!

Jack LOVES dogs (or any animal) and the games he loves to play are chase and fetch with them.  Lucy is not nearly as enthusiastic as Maggie, so Jack thoroughly enjoyed his time at their new and gorgeous home.  Since we've visited Saturday Jack has been mentioning Maggie often, sending her goodnight love before bed, showed this video to Ciel on the iPad and insisted on asking for "More Maggie" out of the blue.  Beginning of a beautiful friendship!

We hadn't even hit the highway and Jack was conked out - great visit !

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hockey Season getting started in our household!

It's that time of year and this year we are going to try out some skating! First things first we had to actually buy Jack his first set of skates and helmet.

Very exciting and such a cool kind of contraption. They're called Bob skates and they fit right over his winter boots. They'll be perfect for getting Jack started and comfortable on the ice. 

Started off doing some silly selfies in the helmet to get him laughing!

Of course we couldn't try the out in the house so we focused on the helmet! While Jack was wary at first, we just made it into a game then of course he didn't want to take it off for anything!

Ready for racing! Mommy got a workout zooming him around the upstairs.

So a Jack learned that helmets are fun for racing around the house and crashing into things :)

They're also perfect for watching Pocoyo and eating dinner :) such a versitile accessory! More pictures to come when this little star hits the ice!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: A day of friendship!

I know that these two missed each other lots over the log weekend because they were especially kind hearted and chummy today.

They started off the morning by both climbing into the Elmo chair (usually a very contested spot to sit) and shared a late breakfast of blueberries, Rachel's delicious homemade cereal bars, and water while watching Kipper.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Apple Picking at Elderkins!

One of the local playgroups we just joined planned a class trip to the apple orchard yesterday to go on a wagon ride and pick some apples!

We took a long wagon ride through the orchard and both Jack and Ciel loved seeing all the apples growing right on the trees. Also the huge tractor pulling us was so fascinating for them!

It was a beautiful crisp sunny morning! The sunshine was nice and warm so we could all be comfy while enjoying the beautiful view of the Valley and the orchard. 

Both of them were very eager to pick apples and I had no trouble at all talking them into filling a bag of apples to bring home for snacks. The last apple they picked once the bag was full they could eat and they were so excited. Something about harvesting your own food just makes it taste better :)!

We were able to have a play time in the orchard while waiting for the tractor to come back and get us so they explored the wet grass, muddy tracks and wooden crates.  Walking through the orchard on the beautiful morning completely reminded me of the last time we went apple picking as a family and I peeked back in my blog to stroll down memory lane.

Jack's first apple picking adventure ... 35 weeks pregnant!
It is unbelievable to remember that! We soon heard the tractor coming and had to get back to the muddy road and greet it!

We were very excited to get back into the tractor and ride back to the car with our big bag of apples. When we got back into the car we continued some apple snacking and rejoiced getting to spend our morning in such a fun place with yummy eats.

Apple picking is SO much fun - and so delicious!!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Toddler Tuesday: The Story of the Mole!

Auntie Steph sent us a completely perfect book to add to Jack's collection of stories! It's so perfect in fact that Jack demands to read it before bed almost every night. 

I ripped open the parcel and we got right into reading it before I read the back cover so I was bursting with laughter half surprised and supremely entertained. Of course once we were through the book I read the back and began laughing all over again. Why is it so funny? Well poop humorous is obviously a riot but the little journey the mole has and the surprising ending is very entertaining also. 

This book is perfect for Jack because it has animals AND poop which is very topical as we are working on potty training. It is a wonderful way to reinforce that everyone does it and it's totally normal! (Of course location matters - another good message for potty training haha!) I highly recommend it for any kid, because as the back of the book points out "important but often neglected side of animal life". It's darn funny too :).  Thanks Auntie Steph - hilariously perfect and an instant favourite! 

You can listen to the book being read here for the whole story and charming illustrations brought to life in animation!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Jacks Room All Set Up! (again)

Yes we moved in four months ago and his room just got finished this weekend. Really the only time we have to work on it is when Jack isn't in there sleeping on weekend which we have just chose to spend doing more fun things. During our weekend of "getting things done" this was a big priority! But before we show you Jack's current room we can flash back to all his previous rooms.. thats right. 5 of them!

The original nursery! (ah how we LOVED putting this room together!)
This is the only Jack picture I could find of his second bedroom.  A perfect metaphor for our time spent there - completely chaotic living out of boxes for a month. We didn't decorate it all too much either to save ourself the trouble of undecorating it!
Jack's third bedroom freshly unpacked where we lived for just a little less than a year!
Ah how much Apollo loves this chair! While searching for pictures of his rooms I found pictures of Apollo in each room of Jack's sleeping in this chair haha. 
I have no pictures that I can track down of Jacks bedroom while at Papa and Mimi's house while we were living there which is too bad because it was certainly the most different considering all his things were in storage. 
This is Jack's fifth bedroom since he was born (oi) and we plan for it to be his for a long while! It was fun pulling all of his decorations out and putting them up. It feels much more homey now and Jack loved naming everyone in his Family pictures.  It looks MUCH greener here than it actually is (darn you sunshine behind the curtains) it is much more similar to the original nursery colour wise.

I didn't even need to coax him into the photo, he was already there when I went in to get pictures today!
The last time Jack saw these birdy pictures he wasn't even able to say Bird, and when he saw it yesterday as I hung it up he flapped his arms and said "Tweet Tweet Birdy!".  That is just how fast they grow and its amazing!
One photo is missing as it decided to come crashing down onto me while I was hanging up pictures and so it is in the process of being repaired. 
As Jack gets older we hope to add some new things to his room and take down some of the older things to help his little home in our home grow with him and his tastes.  But for now we are just soaking up the awesomeness of his woodland themed room and loving it.