Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Roar Jackasaurus (and cookies!)

I seamed quickly last night and got his hat all dino'd up! I simply loved the pattern and we just love Jack with Dino spikes. Oh did I also mention he runs around roaring fiercely while wearing it? Just too hilarious.
The only shot I got of Jack outside today! He was loving the sunshine and his new hat!
I planned to snap a bundle of great detailed pics of the hat today in the morning sunlight while we were out playing on our big walk. But there was a running-wildly-faceplant incident :( and smooshfaced Jack had his first nosebleed when I was way to far from any Kleenex. His mittens may never be the same but Jack totally trooped through. More hat pictures tomorrow :)

 We headed out for a shopping excursion and they were such dolls. Babies in pink/blue combo are real crowd pleasers so Jack and Ciel had a good time waving and smiling. 

Seriously in the top ten hilarious photos of Jack.

My little hoodies decided they needed to look very cool in the parking lot.
Jack totally enjoys having a fun partner in crime to be out shopping with. We swung by Tim Horton's and we all had bites of a molasses cookie. So yummy!

Jack grabbed my arm and patted it, as I handed him his piece and said "Thank you. Good Girl, Momma!" So glad that he's appreciating the concept of sharing :)!

Coveting his "shared" cookie :)

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