Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Double the Toddler, Double the fun!

Today was our first full day together and it was a blast! Jack and Ciel are well suited to each other as play friends. They love the same toys which at times has its own challenges but makes for really great times too!

Cooking together at the little kitchen!

As you can imagine, they didn't run out of things to play with all day. Which is a good thing because it poured rain all morning. We had lots to do inside to stay busy and hoped for sunshine later in the day so we could get out in the BOB.

Totally must have all toys off the shelf :)
Both were so tuckered out we had an early lunch and right to nap! I was a little anxious about the logistics of trying to out down two toddlers for a nap at the same time but they were awesome. I had them both down in under 15 minutes. Nice long naps is exactly what busy little ones need.

So stinkin' cute!
Ciel and I even were able to have girl time while Jack slept on soundly. I love how different boys and girls are just in their nature. It was so much fun to snuggle and chat just the two of us she is such a sweetie. 
Getting out of the house and into some fresh (HUMID) air :)!
We did manage to get out for a walk in the afternoon and it was fun :)! It was brutally humid but the BOB made things easier to push two toddlers in sweltering heat. 

Love this little moment I captured of them talking about the crow ahead on the walk.
Jack thoroughly enjoyed having a friend today to play with and to join us on our big walk :)!

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