Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Big Picnic Adventure at the Farm!

Today we returned to Hennigars farm to have a picnic adventure! They have so many great animals and fun places to play. We visited all of the animal friends first! Jack loves to yell "quaaaaaaaaaaaack!" at the ducks knowingly, like he is speaking in their particular dialect.  Amazingly it was official feeding time for the ducks and they couldn't have cared what he was yelling because they were busy digging in. 

The goats were entertaining as ever. These ones are very eager to see people and love to bleat loudly. Ciel found it really amusing but decided it would be best to keep her distance. Just as well because she is cute enough to eat up - and goats totally would love a nibble! They were energetic later on and had head butting games to entertain us while we ate in front of their pen on the grass for our picnic. 

The ever-popular bunny pen was the highlight of the animal visits since these bunnies are so people friendly. Jack loves bunnies and was able to pat this little baby bunny right on the head although somehow I missed getting a picture of that. 

We met up with friends at Hennigars for a play date so Jack and Ciel had another little boy to play with too. He's got lots of energy like them so all three of them booked it around the farm. We climbed "big hill" and they managed to hold still long enough for a group shot. Notice their are-we-done-yet faces looking longingly down the hill.

Ciel was totally in love with their John Deer Tricycle track. There were more bikes than kids so then three could easily maneuver the track. Sometimes it was just as fun to push the bikes as ride them around. 

We sat on the blanket and shared a great feast of food. The ducks were near by us and quickly put together what the picnic blanket signified. Not too long later we were slowly surrounded by not so timid birds. No worries, Jack is a master bird shooer (all his experience shooing crows off our lawn from the main window) and taught Ciel his ways. 

Both of them were completely pooped for nap time which made for long sleeps and happy babies when they woke up. They are slowly syncing up their nap routines and enjoy waking up together snuggling on the couch discussing milk, blankies and Baby Einstein. 

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