Thursday, 12 September 2013

Storm's a Brewin'...

... And I don't even have to check my weather app to let me know. Both of the littles had rocky sleeps last night so when they joined together this morning it spelled out a difficult day. I'm no stranger to the moods of kids being shaped by the weather, or by holidays. Or by long weekends.  These things happen and you've just gotta roll with it. Thankfully these two are so cute and full of love it was easy to help them through their troubles.

So afte nap time when the humidity was getting out of control we headed out back in the breeze, trees, and shade to play with an outdoor bubble bath sensory bin. Dino's, zoo creatures, farm animals, and kitchen things. Add bubbles and have a bundle of fun :)!

It was a great chance to cool down, work on their sharing, explore bubbles and take in the beautiful breeze. It was whistling through the trees making it very therapeutic for their little brains that were all spun up. 

It was a complete game changer for them and I'm so glad I thought to quickly browse my "Toddler Fun" Pinterest board during nap time for some fun ideas.  These two are such bundles of fun and have a zest for play.  Can't wait to do some more fun sensory activities with them that I found in the next little while!

I am so glad see their smiles and pray that the weather clears up so all of our moods can lighten :) Maybe we will get some lovely puddles from the rain said to come tomorrow!

 Enjoy a fun little clip demonstrating the beautiful breeze and awesome play!


  1. Seems that you learn well from your mama..... nothing funner than water, bubbles and toys... glad you enjoyed your afternoon.. stay cool

  2. Nice to see Daddy's dinos being used again. I'm sure they needed a bath too after all that time.