Monday, 9 September 2013

Pairing up: Learning to share and be friends!

Now that all the newness has worn off of Ciel being with us each weekday, both of them are working hard on being a good friend and sharing.  As under two year olds, it is tricky business trying to think of other people besides themselves and they are doing a great job focusing on being a good friend to each other. 

Every morning around 8:00am (or a little later on these very cool mornings!) we head out for a big walk in the stroller with Lucy and then finish at the park to play for an hour.  They have totally mastered the art of conversation in the stroller and love to point things out to each other.  While there are moments where shoes bump accidentally crossing the centre divide and causing havoc, they have gotten the whole stroller ride down pat.  

The park has so many things for the kids to do - but of course there isn't two of everything.  The art of "waiting your turn" is something they are getting experience with.  It is also teaching me a great deal about mediation and when to let them sort it out themselves.

When it comes to toys we have a lot of options in our playroom, but of course it doesn't matter how many toys you have when both kids want the clothespin they discovered.  Just today though they discovered how fun it can be to both play with the same toy as they raced around the basement kicking the huge green ball and squealing, and playing with the wooden trains.

I'm so glad for Jack and Ciel for them to discover so early that things are the most wonderful when shared with a good friend :).


  1. These are some awesome pics and thoughts Michelle! Thanks for sharing them with us. I can't wait to show Dave when he wraps up work for the night :)

  2. That boy doesn't waste any time - he's got his arm around her already! They ARE great pics. Thanks

    Grampie M