Monday, 2 September 2013

Labour Day Weekend!

Scott and I headed out for an exciting day adventure early Saturday morning while Jack stayed here with Mimi and Papa for lots of fun adventures.

Scott and I drove up to Antigonish to pick up a sweet Kijiji find - a used double BOB stroller. You know how nuts we are about our BOB since it comes up in my blog often ( like here and here and here) and we dreamed of the double BOB someday. Excitingly we have use for a double BOB now, and magically there was a great deal on Kijiji is one of our fav towns.

It fit in our Fit (Seriously, everything seem to fit in that car) we just had to take the wheels off which the BOB does easily. We toured campus and had lunch at the pub which was delicious! It was so wonderful to walk around our old haunts and see the campus coming to life all geared up for Frosh week. 

After a walk down memory lane, we drove to the city! We stayed at the Delta and loved walking around downtown and on the waterfront. 

 We ate delicious Nachos and drank raspberry cider (it was so amazingly good and made in the Valley) at the Old Triangle, went to see Worlds End at Dartmouth crossing (So hilarious! Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were amazing) and then back downtown for drinks and late night wings at Maxwells Plum. 

Yup, I have the crazed "OMG NACHOS" look. Don't worry, Scott and I did split them. 
The most ridiculous oversized wine glasses ever. This is Scott's "How do I even hold this for a picture?" pose!
 All the bars were filled with students back for another year and we felt flattered when we were ID'd twice. I think somehow it didn't show that I usually spend my time chasing a toddler and knitting ;) 

Jack looks so teeny in the big stroller! All our regular people we meet on our walk (read: adorable old couples out walking same time as us daily) are so excited to hear that Ciel is joining us!
It was so fun to get away for a fun trip! And we got our dream stroller too. Jack and I tried it out this morning and it totally rocked! We're excited to take Ciel out in it tomorrow. All of us are so excited to add Ciel to our lives. Double the toddler fun :)!

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